Junior Rainbow Pebbles (Timberdoodle Review)

Junior Rainbow Pebbles Review

My family has been ordering educational products through Timberdoodle for decades. So when Timberdoodle approached me about reviewing a new set of Junior Rainbow Pebbles, I agreed without hesitation.

Junior Rainbow Pebbles Review

The set comes in a sturdy cardboard box that is easy to open and close, but durable enough to withstand lots of repeated play.

box contents

It includes a bag of 18 synthetic “stones” in six subdued, sort of “earthy” shades. Made from eco-friendly rice stems and hulls, the pebbles come in a variety of standardized shapes.

colorful rocks

The set also includes eight, double-sided pattern cards (that’s 16 designs total). Each card features two to nine blank spaces for kids to cover with rainbow pebbles.

puzzle templates

The cards function a little like a puzzle, but don’t require quite as many fine-motor skills to successfully complete. For that reason, Junior Rainbow Pebbles can be enjoyed by children as young a 18-months old.

great for little preschool hands

I’m always on the lookout for educational toys and games to engage my grandkids, who visit several times a week. They served as guinea pigs when it came time to take this set for a test drive.

a variety of ways to complete each puzzle

The little ones loved it, just as I suspected. But I was surprised by how quickly the older kids and grandkids congregated to get in on the action.

trying out Junior Rainbow Pebbles

Fortunately, there were plenty of supplies for almost everybody to work at the same time.

More Junior Rainbow Pebbles

And with very satisfactory results. Don’t these look cute?

finished puzzles

Even the adults had to take a turn at completing a few cards. What a calm and relaxing activity!

fun for all ages

The set includes a variety of designs, some more detailed than others.

completing Rainbow Pebbles puzzle

If you have little ones — and especially if you have limited space — I recommend giving Junior Rainbow Pebbles a try.

our kids love Rainbow Pebbles

This compact set takes up far less storage space than an equivalent number of standard wooden puzzles. And, unlike standard puzzles, your Junior Rainbow Pebble designs can still be completed, even if your kids lose a pebble or two.

appealing artwork

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Junior Rainbow Pebbles Review

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