Apple Twist (Timberdoodle Review)

Apple Twist Smart Game Review

I’m back this week with another Timberdoodle review. This time we’re looking at Apple Twist, a new 1-person thinking puzzle by Smart Games.

Abby shows off her new game

There’s a reason this manufacturer goes by the moniker “Smart Games” — the name definitely fits. And there are lots of reasons I love every one of the Smart Games I’ve tried.

Apple Twist is easy to play

First, the pieces are so solidly made. Cute, colorful, and chunky, they easily fit in the smallest of hands and can withstand a lot of wear and tear without breaking.

Puzzles grow more challenging at each level

Second, each puzzle comes with several different skill levels. The starter challenges are perfect for young novices, while the expert levels are difficult enough to stump even the most experienced players (at least momentarily).

Don't get Stumped

Third and finally, their games are all so different, but they share a common goal: to teach players critical reasoning skills and help them learn to think outside the box. And I love the way they go about that!

Playing Apple Twist

Apple Twist is unlike any of the other Smart Games we own in that the sections of the board spin. So the game board is constantly changing. It might even be fun, once you finish the 60 challenges included in the rules booklet, to invent your own with one of the game board arrangements not previously used.

Twist the apple sections to change the gameboard

Want to try this thinking game yourself? You can order Apple Twist as a stand-alone product. It is also included in Timberdoodle’s 2022 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit.

For more great Timberdoodle projects, take time to browse around their website. Or check out my other product reviews by following this link: Flanders Family Timberdoodle Reviews

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    1. Thanks, Karla. She loves all kinds of thinking games — most of which we got through Timberdoodle!

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