Friendship Conversation Starters

Free Printable Discussion Prompts

I got the sweetest letter from a reader thanking me for the musical themed discussion prompts I published last week, so I’m sharing another set today. These Friendship Themed Conversation Starters will help promote meaningful conversation with the people gathered around your dinner table, whether they be family, friends, or — as is the case for one grateful reader — local retirement home residents.

That’s because she works as the activities coordinator for a senior living facility. Since she’s been allotted only a shoestring budget, she said she was thrilled to find my series of free printable conversations starters, as they give the residents something to discuss while keeping their minds engaged with questions such as:

  • Who was your closest childhood friend?
  • Share a happy memory involving a good friend.
  • Do friends have to spend lots of time together to remain close?
  • Have you ever lost a good friend? How did you handle it?
  • Can you be a friend to somebody you’ve never met? How?
  • Name three good places for making new friends.

Friendship Themed Conversation Starters

Friendship Themed Conversation Starters

Friendship Themed Conversation Starters

And guess what? You don’t have to be employed at a senior living center to plan things for the residents. They love having volunteers come in and coordinate activities for the residents! Over the years, our kids have given musical recitals, organized BINGO nights, taught crafts, and played board games with folks living in retirement communities near us.

Why not print off some of our free discussion prompts, seasonal games, or coloring pages and take them to a home near you. Not only is it a great way to build cross-generational relationships and spread some cheer, but it can count toward community service hours on your child’s high school transcript, as well.

More good questions

Want to keep the conversation going? Check out the other discussion prompt posts in this series. Or get a copy of my new book, Table Talk, to keep your family communicating all year long.

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Free Printable Discussion Prompts

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