Musical Conversation Starters

Musical Conversation Starters

It’s been awhile since I’ve published any dinnertime discussion prompts. But since September is Classical Music Appreciation Month, I thought now would be a good time to share these new Musical Conversation Starters

In this set, you’ll find questions such as…

  1. If you could play any instrument you’d like, which would you choose?
  2. Do you know your national anthem? Sing it.
  3. Quick! Name as many musical instruments as you can think of in 1 minute.
  4. Have you ever participated in a music recital? How did it go?
  5. Are you more likely to hum or to whistle when you’re happy? Demonstrate.

…plus lots more. So print them out, cut them apart, and use them to start some interesting conversations with the music lovers (or potential music lovers) gathered around your dinner table.

We keep our conversation starters in a jar next to the kitchen table. The questions print out in black and white, so if you want them to be colorful, just print on colored card stock. You might even want to laminate them for added durability.

Musical Conversation Starters

Musical Conversation Starters

Musical Conversation Starters

More good questions

Want to keep the conversation going? Check out the other discussion prompt posts in this series. Or get a copy of my new book, Table Talk, to keep your family communicating all year long.

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