Free Printable Road Trip Games

Free Printable Road Trip Games

We’re planning a family road trip this summer. So I’ve been hard at work all week, mapping our course, planning our itinerary, downloading discount coupons, and making fresh copies of the free printable road trip games I’m sharing with you today.

We got a chance to try these out, along with my travel bingo printables, on a trip to Missouri in April. My kids loved them. Maybe yours will, too.

I Spy Fast Food Game

First is a game my kids play even without a game card. “Look, Daddy! There’s Chick-fil-A! How about some nuggets?” or “There’s a Jack-in-the-Box, Mom. Don’t 2-for-$1 tacos sound good right now?”

Are mine the only kids who feel constantly famished on the road? I figured, if they’re going to be noticing all the fast food chains anyway, we might as well make it a competition. You can print this one in full color or economical black-and-white, take your pick:

Fast Food Game

Fast Food Game

Count the Cars Game

The next game is one I’m not very good at. To me, one car looks pretty much like another. The big distinguishing factor in my mind is the color.

My kids, on the other hand, can identify a car’s make and model from 100 yards away. So they are masters at this game. Have kids make a tally mark under the appropriate emblem for every car they see. Alternatively, each child can pick a different make and compete to see who spots the most of his chosen brand.

Like the fast food game above, I’ve made two versions of this free printable road trip game: one in black & white and the other in color. To print your favorite, click on the link below and then select the version you prefer.

Road Trip Car Counting Game

Road Trip Car Counting Game

If you anticipate using the cards multiple times on multiple road trips, as we do, you may want to laminate them first. (The laminator I use is worth its weight in gold. As a homeschool mom, I use it all the time.)

Be sure to pack a few dry erase markers to use in marking the cards.

Want more fun ideas for traveling with children? Then check out my book, Pack Up & Leave. It’s chock full of tips that will make your next trip more enjoyable, economical, and educational!

Pack Up & Leave: Travel Tips for Fun Family Vacations

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