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My name is Jennifer Flanders. I’m a Christian wife and homeschooling mother of twelve and grandma to 20. Although I’m the one who does most of the writing here, this blog was really the brainchild of my husband, Doug.

When he saw how much time I spent fielding phone calls from folks with questions about homeschooling and parenting, he suggested I build a website and put the answers to the ten or twelve most frequently asked questions online, then refer callers there for more in-depth answers.

And, viola! Flanders Family Home Life was born!

The Flanders Family

Our Mission

Although our website has grown a lot since those humble beginnings, our objective is still the same: to share helpful tips, heartfelt encouragement, honest answers, and practical resources, and biblical solutions to problems parents face (especially those who are trying to homeschool):

If you click through any of the above links, you may notice some of them direct you to my other blog, Loving Life at Home. Since not all parents have partners and not all couples have children, I generally address topics related to parenting/ homeschooling here and matters related to love/ marriage there — although there’s inevitably a little overlap (as demonstrated by the above link list).

Our Family

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Thirty-six years of marriage. Twelve children. Twenty grandchildren (and counting). People often tell us we have our hands full — and they’re right! — but our hearts are full, too. They are filled to the point of bursting with love for one another, joy for living, and gratitude to God for blessing us so richly with all these precious souls — in addition to a beautiful Savior who shed his blood to save us all from our sin.

Our family motto can be found in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Honoring God and pointing others to Jesus: That is our goal in our home, with our words, in our thoughts, through our actions, at work, at rest, at play, on this blog, in our books, and through our podcast. In all our ways, we want to make Christ known. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

FAQs about our Family

  • Neither! We’re just passionate Baptists (by upbringing, at least). We currently attend a small, non-denominational Bible church. For more details, follow this link: What We Believe
  • Absolutely! But not by us. We only planned to leave the planning to God — and we couldn’t be more delighted with the results!
  • Believe it or not, we figured that out several pregnancies ago! (But we also happen to enjoy it, which is one reason I think saying yes to sex in marriage is one of the smartest things a wife can do,)

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  1. Good morning:

    I’m Rus Jeffrey and I’m currently write “A Primer on Prayer: The Full Armor of God”. While looking for a good armor graphic to include in the book I came across your Full Armor graphic. It says it’s a free printable. However, I would like to use it in my book. So, I’m wondering if I have your permission to use it.

    BTW, love the website and you’re doing!

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks so much for checking first, Rus. I’m happy for you to use my graphic in your Primer or Prayer book, provided you leave the copyright in place and let readers know they can download a free printable copy on our website.

  2. What a surprise to find this site. I have pleasant memories of living across the street from one of your sons and his little family before I moved in 2015. They are such a special little family with all those darling little boys, and I wish them blessings, wherever they are!

      1. I am very exited to find your website.
        I personally am a christian mother of 13 children and my husband and I feel so blessed with these wonderful children.
        My husband pastors a small church in Idaho and I teach about 30 students in Sunday school.
        I came across your website looking for ideas to teach lessons about Easter.
        May the good Lord bless you and your family and the blog you posted to reach out to others with christian resources to bring souls to Christ.

        1. It makes me happy to think of you using our resources to teach your Sunday school class, Otilia. May God bless your faithful service to Him!

    1. Yes, I do, Deborah. I’m looking forward to speaking at the Forerunners Luncheon on Thursday. I hope you’ll come and introduce yourself while we’re there. I love getting to meet readers face to face!

  3. Love your blog!But we need more recipes from you!!!!We make your cinnamon rolls all the time and love them !!!!Thanks for sharing!We are always looking for large family size recipes!

    1. Thanks, Mamma H! You can find a very old listing of our family’s favorite recipes on this page. Sorry there are no photographs of these dishes. I’ll do my best to add some in the near future.

      You may notice I’ve also added a new Recipe Section to my menu bar, complete with drop down categories. The contents of those categories are admittedly sparse right now, but the structure is in place, which will make the recipes much easier to find once I do get them posted.

  4. Hi there, I am the father of a family of 14. Our twelve kids range from 17 years to 11 months. We recently moved, and are in the process of re-adjusting our chore schedule. Your list of age-appropriate chores will come in very handy. I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of your site. God Bless You all!

    1. So glad to hear it, Dave. We’re in the process of readjusting chores ourselves, as we do every year about this time, to give the kids a running start on the new year!

  5. Hi, I saw your Montessori list on age appropriate chores and responsibilities. I found it quite beneficial. We started discussing what would be the right age to light matches for birthday candles for example.
    Also, there was mention of cooking and cleaning. What would be your recommended age to use knives. Butter knives for halving apples and sharp knives for cutting veggies like broccoli and carrots?
    Thanks for your suggestions.

    1. Of course, it all really depends on the individual child and on how closely you intend to supervise. My nine-year-old has helped with both those things within the past couple of weeks, but I was standing right beside him watching his progress both times. I wouldn’t “assign” these chores to a younger child, but when they are begging to help, I want to encourage that enthusiasm by either letting them do what they are volunteering to do (even if it means holding their hand and guiding them through the motions) or finding a similar but more appropriate task they can do alongside me: “I’m going to chop the potatoes, but you could peel the carrots for me” or “I can light the candles on the birthday cake, but would you get out the ice cream?”

  6. I was looking for another site and happened to stumble upon your website. And I must say, that this is the greatest family site I have laid eyes upon. I’m a single mother of four, and I’m a Christian that home schools as well. Oh how I wish I could have had the help of this site twenty years ago! You guys are such a blessing to all the single as well as married couples out here today whose houses may need a little help in the area of structure. My children now are all grown up attending college, but I just wanted to stop by, and leave a GOD BLESS YOU!! and want to THANK GOD, for your help to the many others out here, who may stumble upon your site as well. May the Lord keep you and your family always.

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