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6 Fun Christmas Countdown Calendars

Free Printable Christmas Countdown Calendars

December 1 is “Christmas Countdown Day.” So today I’m sharing a roundup of our family’s favorite advent chains, holiday bucket lists, and fun Christmas countdown calendars:

  1. Countdown to Christmas Bucket List

    This is the list I post every December. My kids helped me compile it years ago, and we use it to help jog our memories as to the activities we enjoy the most this time of year. A few of the items on the list we never miss, like sending Christmas cards or decorating the tree, but we don’t bother trying to check off every last item. Instead, we pick and choose which activities fit our schedules or make the most sense on a given year and focus on those.

    Countdown to Christmas Printable

  2. Advent Scripture Reading Countdown

    I usually print two copies of our Advent Scripture Chain — one on red and another on green. Then I alternate colors on the verses and make two separate chains. I keep one to use with my children and send the other to my grandkids.

    Advent Scripture Chain

  3. Christmas Picture Book Countdown

    We own a whole shelf of Christmas books I wrap every year and stick under the tree. Each day, we pick one package, open it, and read it aloud together. For a list of the books we use, follow this link.

    Countdown to Christmas reading plan

  4. Design Your Own Christmas Bucket List

    Here is a sampling of simple Christmas activities. This free download includes the pre-printed cards below, as well as a page of blank cards so you can design your own. Print them out, fill in the blanks, remove any of the pre-printed activities that don’t appeal to you. THen stick them in a jar to be fished out daily (or as time, mood, and schedule allows) until Christmas rolls around.

    Christmas Bucket List Cards

  5. Candy Kiss Countdown Calendar

    These super-simple candy kiss chains have been thrilling our little ones for decades and keeping them on their best behavior in the weeks leading up till Christmas, since we tell them they have to “do something sweet to get a treat.”

    Candy Kiss Christmas Countdown Calendar

  6. 50 Fun Things to Do this Christmas

    Here’s another pick-and-choose Christmas bucket list full of 50 fun (seasonal) family activities. Post it on your refrigerator and let the kids pick a couple of things to do every day.

    50 Fun Things for Your Family to Do this Christmas - Free Printable

The first 25 days of December seem to crawl for children and fly for their parents. I hope these fun Christmas countdown calendars will help you keep better track of the time — no matter what your age!

Incidentally, if you’re looking for a great way to focus your heart on Christ during this advent season, I’d love for you to check out my new devotional journal, Joy to the World. It will help you do exactly that.

Joy to the World: A Devotional Journal for Advent by Jennifer Flanders

Free Printable Christmas Countdown Calendars

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