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67 Ways to Celebrate the Season (Printable)

Countdown to Christmas Printable

Just before Thanksgiving each year, our family prints out the following list of 67 Ways to Celebrate the Season. We post it on our bulletin board for easy reference and use it to jog our memory concerning all the different activities and events we’ve enjoyed during Christmases past.

The children helped me generate our original “Countdown to Christmas” list years ago, and we continue to add to it as we discover new traditions we want to make a part of our family’s holiday celebrations.

The list reminds us to enjoy small, simple pleasures that make this time of year so memorable for our little ones. We don’t try to do everything on our bucket list. That’s not the point. We just pick and choose whatever activities appeal to us or fit our schedules this year.

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Try making a “Countdown to Christmas” List with your own family this year. You can use ours to get started or compile one of your own from scratch!

67 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Season

  1. take family photo for Christmas cards

  2. hang house lights

  3. put Christmas music in speaker system/ cars

  4. wrap/unwrap/read 25 books before Christmas

  5. Christmas card assembly line: work together

  6. make Candy Kiss Christmas Chains

  7. decorate Christmas tree(s)

  8. host shoebox stuffing party for “Operation Christmas Child”

  9. re-read old Christmas letters aloud

  10. read Family Devotions for Advent Season

  11. review Luke 2 and quote from memory

  12. watch It’s a Wonderful Life

  13. ring bell for Salvation Army

  14. read Dicken’s Christmas Stories

  15. make hot cocoa

  16. visit Christmas tree farm/ buy clippings

  17. have birthday party for Jesus

  18. read/ watch The Gift of the Magi

  19. make thank-you gifts for pastors/teachers

  20. watch Little Drummer Boy

  21. play Christmas Charades

  22. read/watch A Christmas Carol

  23. read/watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  24. sing carols around the fire

  25. read The First Night

  26. have family Christmas piano recital

  27. make fantasy fudge

  28. watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

  29. take pumpkin or banana nut bread to neighbors

  30. read Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree

  31. make Christmas ornaments or crafts

  32. give baking to mail-carrier/garbage men

  33. drive around to look at lights

  34. string popcorn/cranberries for outside tree

  35. make gingerbread house

  36. take coffee/donations to bell ringers

  37. watch/read Little House Christmas

  38. visit a drive-through or walk-through Nativity at a local church

  39. make cathedral window cookies

  40. take cookies to girls in Dad’s office

  41. sing/ play instruments for church program

  42. watch Frosty the Snowman

  43. listen to/ sing along with Handel’s Messiah

  44. attend home school Christmas party

  45. watch Elf

  46. make sausage balls

  47. work Twelve Days of Christmas jigsaw puzzle

  48. bake Christmas cookies

  49. make s’mores in drive-way; invite neighbors?

  50. watch White Christmas

  51. shop at a local church or school holiday craft fair

  52. see The Nutcracker ballet at community college

  53. watch Miracle on 34th Street (old version)

  54. jog in Rudolph Family Fun Run

  55. go ice-skating

  56. go Christmas caroling

  57. play Christmas party games as family

  58. act out Christmas story with little ones

  59. attend Emerald Ball with teens

  60. tell Christmas story with advent gift boxes

  61. watch Star of Bethlehem

  62. drink hot apple cider

  63. make/buy sibling stocking stuffers

  64. take kids Christmas shopping (for others)

  65. visit Six Flags Holiday in the Park

  66. eat traditional Christmas breakfast

  67. think/pray about/ make New Year’s resolutions

To print a plain-text version of our original 67 Ways to Celebrate the Season list, follow this link. For a prettier, updated version of our “Countdown to Christmas,” simply click on the image below:

Countdown to Christmas Printable

Incidentally, if you are looking for another way to make this season more meaningful, take a look at my new devotional journal for advent, Joy to the World. It will help focus your thoughts and anchor your heart to the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Joy to the World: A Devotional Journal for Advent by Jennifer Flanders
Countdown to Christmas Printable

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