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Christmas Carol Song Sheets (Free Printable)

Christmas Carol Song Sheets

I love Christmas music. I could listen to it all year long. One of my favorite things to during the Advent season is to go caroling around our neighborhood.

We do this every year. We usually carol with a group of friends (which is especially nice when they know how to sing parts). Sometimes we’ll have a hayride and carol from the wagon, but we normally just walk door to door. Some of our neighbors who know we are coming invite their friends over to listen, as well, and serve us cookies and hot chocolate when we’ve finished singing.

If you’ve never caroled before, maybe this year would be a good time to try it.

Of course, it works best when everybody is singing off the same sheet of music, so toward that end, I wanted to share these printable Christmas carol song sheets (just click on any of the images below to print them all:

Free printable Christmas Carol Lyric Sheets
free printable song lyrics

We usually do our caroling a cappella. But if you have a guitar player in your group, you could have him accompany the singing, like the five carolors in this video:

In addition to these Christmas carol song sheets, we’ve published some other great resources in the past that will help you throw a wonderfull fun caroling party. Just follow this link to print them all: Throw the Best Caroling Party Ever

12 Days of All New Party Games

Can you think of a holiday game we should add to our collection? If so, leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Know friends or family who’d enjoy playing our Christmas games? We’d love it if you’d send them our way by emailing a link or sharing on social media (see share buttons below). Thanks!

Christmas Carol Song Sheets

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  1. Thank you for making the carol sheets available. We printed them off for our neighborhood carol sing. We have been praying for our neighbors and wanted to do something to bless them. It was a great success, and they want to do it again next year. Great choice of songs. It reflected the real reason for the season.
    Merry Christmas, and thanks again,

    1. I’m so happy to hear you used our song sheets while singing for your neighbors! We haven’t gone caroling (yet) this season, but I want to do so soon. I did sing “O Holy Night” and “The First Noel” in the lobby of the hotel where we were staying last week. I love to sing, in general, but especially Christmas carols!


  3. Dear Jennifer,
    I just love the things you post. Last year my parents in their late 80’s chose not to attend the Christmas gathering at our house due to Covid. So I printed off you song sheets and so the rest of the family met (as a surprise) in their backyard and caroled for them. They were so touched. This year unfortunately they are staying away again, so we are doing a repeat performance. A very merry and blessed Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Thanks so much, Debra. I’m so sorry about the isolation, but glad to have been able to facilitate the caroling. That sounds like a lovely compromise!

  4. I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the caroling song sheets!!!! I’m going with a group to a nursing home to carol and this was so perfect and such a lifesaver. Thank you, thank you.

  5. Thank you for this – My mother is in her last days and today is Christmas. I wanted to sing some carols with her and kept forgetting words yesterday. This is perfect. She is only awake for short periods and is only slightly awake. Thank you for helping share the season and song with her.

    1. I really debated publishing those so close to Christmas, Alicia. Thought briefly about just saving the post until next December. Your message confirms I made the right choice. I’m sorry to hear about your mother, but am glad you can be with her. I love Christmas carols, and I love to hear my children sing, and I imagine both of those things are as much a comfort to your mom as they would be to me.

  6. I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for putting together your “Here We Come A-Caroling” song sheets and making them available for printing. Every month our church holds an informal service in our local nursing home here in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. At this time of year, I often search in vain for lyrics to familiar carols that are clear, easy to read and nicely formatted. Your song sheets are perfect! We look forward to using them tomorrow. Thanks again.

    1. That sounds great, John. It makes me happy to know they’re being used for that purpose. That’s such a great ministry. (And your message prompted me to collect all my caroling resources in one place. You can now find them here.)

      1. Thank you for the carol sheets, i am getting the residents in our little close to sing carols, and i will provide music playing a cornet/trumpet. This will bring us together for christmas

        1. That sounds like such fun! I love Christmas carols. I’m happy to hear you’re using our song sheets and hope you all have a wonderful time.

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