Christmas Scattergories Game (Free Printable)

Christmas Scattergories

I have a fun new free printable holiday game for you today: Christmas Scattergories. But why, you may ask, am I sharing it in the middle of July? Because I was in Hobby Lobby this morning and noticed they’re already stocking the aisles with nativity sets, stockings, and ornaments. Well, it never takes much to put me in the holiday spirit, so I’ve decided to follow their example and do a week’s worth of “Christmas in July” posts.

Christmas in July!

Part of my rationale is that I always have big plans for sharing such themed posts in December, but I fail to follow through with half of them. There are simply too many other fun things going on that month to spend my time tied to a computer. So posting extra-early is the best way I can think of to make sure those ideas get posted at all.

So this Christmas Scattergories printable is the first in the series. It’s brand new, just in case you’ve already played all our old games and are ready for another challenge. To play, set a timer for five minutes or less and try to come up with as many Christmas-themed words as you can for each letter of the alphabet. Here’s the game in full color:

Free printable Christmas game - Scattergories
[click on image to print]

And here’s a plain-jane version of Christmas Scattergories in black and white (print it out on red or green colored paper if you’d likesomething bright without using colored ink).

Free printable Christmas game - Scattergories
[click on image to print]

More Christmas Games

If you’re a big fan of Christmas party games (like we are), then follow the link below to download 12 of my newest Christmas party games (with answer keys) in a single click!

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Can you think of a holiday game we should add to our collection? If so, leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Know friends or family who’d enjoy playing our Christmas games? We’d love it if you’d send them our way by emailing a link or sharing on social media (see share buttons below). Thanks!

Christmas Scattergories

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  1. This is a wonderful idea!! I shared this with the children while they are waiting for their dental appointments. Thank you very much!! I appreciate your creativity and heart to share!!

  2. Thank you. I just discovered this site yesterday (12/2). I volunteer at one of the local hospitals, and I print out games to place on tables in the Operating Room Waiting area. My reasoning for doing this, is that it may allow family members who are waiting for someone in surgery, a little bit of relaxing time.

    1. What a great idea. I love it! Thanks for sharing — both the idea with me and the games with your hospital patrons. 🙂

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