Free Travel Bingo Cards

Free Travel Bingo Printables

Our family loves games. And road trips. And playing games on road trips. In my kids’ minds, the more competitive the challenge, the better. So I designed some FREE Travel Bingo Cards to use on our next road trip.

Which, with states starting to open again after prolonged COVID lockdowns, will hopefully happen sooner rather than later.

I made five different versions of these travel bingo cards. For younger kids who want to cooperate to get five in a row, just print multiple copies of only one design.

For older kids who’d rather race to see who can get a bingo first, print all five and let them take their pick.

Free Printable Travel Bingo Cards

If you anticipate using the cards multiple times on multiple road trips, as we do, you will need to laminate them first. (The laminator I use is worth its weight in gold. As a homeschool mom, I use it all the time.)

Be sure to pack a few dry erase markers to use in marking the cards.

Want more fun ideas for traveling with children? Then check out my book, Pack Up & Leave. It’s chock full of tips that will make your next trip more enjoyable, economical, and educational!

Pack Up & Leave: Travel Tips for Fun Family Vacations

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