50 Super Stocking Stuffer Ideas

50 Super Stocking Stuffer Ideas for everybody on your gift list!

If you were to visit us at Christmas time, you would find a long row of handmade felt stockings hanging from our mantle. We purposefully downplay the gifts around the tree. The kids exchange names to buy individual presents, and I usually wrap a family gift that we can all enjoy, like a new game or a book to read at story time.

But the main event at our house Christmas morning is emptying our stockings. We take turns, youngest to oldest, as the rest of the family watches.

Unpacking our stockings on Christmas Morning 2015

Stocking stuffers vary a lot with age and sex, but here’s a list of some of our kids’ favorites from Christmases past:

50 Super Stocking Stuffer Ideas — something for everyone on your list

  1. baby rattles
  2. pacifiers
  3. bouncy balls
  4. brightly colored links
  5. Beenie Babies or other small stuffed animals
  6. Matchbox cars
  7. Crayola crayons
  8. coloring books
  9. Barbie dolls
  10. flashcards (for school)
  11. card games
  12. mini Lego figures
  13. new combs
  14. blow-dart guns (with rubber-tipped darts)
  15. hair scrunchies, bows, ribbons, and barrettes
  16. travel soaps, lotions, and shampoo
  17. Band-Aids
  18. deodorant
  19. hairbrushes
  20. nail clippers
  21. nail polish
  22. lip gloss
  23. homemade coupons for special outings or privileges
  24. washable markers
  25. Scotch tape
  26. Disney stickers
  27. candy canes
  28. gummy bears
  29. harmonicas
  30. new socks
  31. new underwear
  32. whole mixed nuts (still in the shell)
  33. personalized return address labels
  34. Smoothie King gift cards
  35. pocket calculator
  36. miniature flashlights
  37. beef jerkey
  38. apples and oranges (great for filling the toe)
  39. new razors
  40. new toothbrushes
  41. breath mints
  42. Starbuck’s coupons
  43. personalized stationery or thank-you notes
  44. postage stamps
  45. new pens or pencils
  46. small sewing kit
  47. mini-staplers
  48. colored pencils
  49. granola bars
  50. trail mix
  51. small Sudoku books

Do you hang stockings at your house? What are your children’s favorite things to find inside?

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