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31 Days of Summer Fun

31 Days of Summer Fun

The bright sunny days and the break from school that we’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks may have made us feel like summer had already arrived, but the season does not get its official start until today, June 21, the first day of summer! Nevertheless, we’re getting started early with a brand new 31 Days of Summer Fun printable.

This fun list of family activities is good for summer (or really any time of year).

31 Days of Family Fun

Most of the items on this “to do” list are self-explanatory. We offer free printable resources you may want to use in doing some of these activities. Click on the associated links to download the printables.

  1. visit the library
  2. walk around the neighborhood
  3. shop a farmer’s market
  4. work a jigsaw
  5. make cookies
  6. look at old photo albums together
  7. sing a song in rounds
  8. take a family bike ride
  9. play a board game together
  10. stroll through a museum (many offer free admission once a month)
  11. play tag
  12. pop some corn and watch a movie
  13. play Putt-Putt
  14. fix dinner together — let the kids plan the menu
  15. go on a nature hike
  16. make ice cream sundaes
  17. read a riveting story aloud
  18. climb a tee
  19. stage a family sit-up, push-up, or chin-up competition
  20. go to the playground
  21. count your blessings
  22. play the hat game
  23. go garage sale hunting — see who can find the best bargain
  24. go bowling – you can make your own lanes with tin cans and sidewalk chalk
  25. jump rope
  26. have a staring contest – give prizes to the winner
  27. go on a photo shoot – see how many different animals, flowers, or bugs you can photograph
  28. start a prayer journal
  29. build something together
  30. visit a nursing home — bring the residents some handmade cards
  31. dress up for a formal family dinner

So if your kids are growing bored and your brain is growing numb and you need a little inspiration to liven things up, you can print this out and check it off. Do any or all that appeal to you in whatever order makes sense.

31 Days of Family Fun

Have fun. Play hard. Build memories. And enjoy the summer (and what’s left of summer vacation)!

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