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Neighborhood Bingo: Free Scavenger Hunt Fun

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

In honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day (May 24), I wanted to share some neighborhood bingo cards I made for my little ones to use when we take walks around the block.

Neighborhood Bingo: Free printable scavenger hunt cards

Let each child carry a card with a marker and check off as many boxes as they spy during your stroll through the neighborhood.

If you live in a big enough residential area to allow for a lot of different walking routes, you may want to laminate your Neighborhood Bingo cards and let your child use a wet erase marker to X off the ones he spots.

Otherwise, jut print for a one-time use and enjoy it while it lasts.

You can also switch things out by using some of our other scavenger hunt printables:

Whichever you use, we wish you happy hunting!

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Love your info!!!!! I just see one neighborhood card for Bingo.

    Thank you for all you do!!!!


    1. You’re right, Judy. I only have one copy of the neighborhood BINGO. We’d walk with younger kids and worked on it as a group. We’d praise whichever child spotted an item first, but then we’d all get to mark it off our own BINGO sheets.

  2. Great idea for….. wait for it….
    I’m going to print and bring this to the assisted living facility, memory care. They can play this weekly! I mean this in the nicest way too. They are always looking for simply activities to get the arbors to move a bit.

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