Picture Books for Dog Lovers: 12 Favorites

12 Children's Picture Books for Dog Lovers...

Since tomorrow (August 26) is National Dog Day, I thought I’d share some of our family’s favorite picture books about these furry, four-legged friends. If you’re a dog lover (or are the parent of a dog lover), you’ll want to check these titles out ASAP:

12 Picture Books for Dog Lovers

  1. Martha Speaks

    A Dog Lover's List of Children's Picture BooksIf your dog could talk, what would he say?

    That’s the premise of this book. The miracle happens when Martha eats some alphabet soup and the letters go up to her brain instead of down to her stomach.

    Her frank observations get herself (and her family) into all sorts of trouble, but in the end, she more than makes up for the trouble her loquacity has caused.

  2. The Old Woman Who Named Things

    A Dog Lover's List of Children's Picture BooksWe didn’t discover this book until just a few years ago, but it quickly became a personal favorite.

    This is my personal favorite picture book for dog lovers. I think it is absolutely precious! And my children are happy to hear me read it aloud just as often as I like.

    The old woman in the story, having outlived all of her friends, comes up with a clever way to ensure she doesn’t lose anybody else who is dear to her. But then a stray puppy shows up, wriggling his way into her heart and challenging her resolve.

  3. Eddie and Dog

    A Dog Lover's List of Children's Picture BooksWhen a dog follows a boy home, his mother insists their yard is too small for a dog and tries to send him away.

    Despite multiple and increasingly drastic attempts, the dog miraculously keeps finding his way back.

    Observant readers will note that the illustrations provide hilarious clues as to how he accomplishes this feat.

  4. Harry the Dirty Dog

    A Dog Lover's List of Children's Picture BooksHarry, the little white dog with black spots, stole my heart as a child, and I am still reading the very same copies of his books to my children today.

    In this story, when Harry hears the bath water running, he buries the scrub brush and runs away from home. When he returns later in the day, he’s gotten so dirty the family doesn’t recognize him.

    How will he ever make them realize who he is?

  5. Officer Buckle and Gloria

    A Dog Lover's List of Children's Picture BooksWhen Officer Buckle gives his annual safety talk at local elementary schools, the children have a hard time paying attention. There was even some snoring.

    Then, one day, he brings his dog Gloria with him, and all the children sit up and pay close attention. Unbeknownst to her commanding officer, the dog surreptitiously steals the show.

    Once Officer Buckle finds out what Gloria’s been up to, he is embarrassed and upset. He cancels further talks and accident rates skyrocket. Will he be able to swallow his pride and team up with his dog again — for the sake of safety?

  6. Wiener Wolf

    A Dog Lover's List of Children's Picture BooksThe illustrations in this book are beautifully rendered, and the story has a good moral, too.

    Longing for adventure, the wiener dog tries to run with the wild wolves and learns some valuable truths about himself in the process.

    This is a great book for reading aloud.

  7. Good Dog, Carl

    A Dog Lover's List of Children's Picture BooksWe own several books about Carl, and my children love telling the stories in their own words, as there is almost no text in the book.

    In this volume, Carl is once again left alone to babysit the children, a job he takes very seriously and does surprisingly well.

    The illustrations are realistic, even if the premise to the book is not.

  8. Go, Dog, Go

    Picture books for dog loversOf course, no list of dog books would be complete without P.D. Eastman’s classic, Go, Dog, Go.

    It was one of the first books my children — all twelve of them — ever learned to read. And I’ve yet to grow tired of it, even after twenty seven years of hearing them do so.

    I don’t even have to read along anymore to make sure they get it right, as I know the whole thing by heart.

  9. Mister Bud Wears the Cone

    Picture books for dog loversBud suffers humiliations galore when his owner puts a cone around his neck to keep him from licking a wound.

    His friend Zorro is completely unsympathetic to his trials. Until it’s his turn to be put in the cone….

  10. Dogzilla

    Picture books for dog loversThe mice in Mouseopolis are having a barbecue. And the delicious aroma wakes the sleeping giant, Dogzilla.

    How will the mice protect their town from this four-legged threat?

    Clever puns and whimsical illustrations make this book a fun but quirky read.

  11. The Poky Little Puppy

    A Dog Lover's List of Children's Picture BooksThis Little Golden Book is another holdover from my own childhood.

    And my children enjoy the story of the little of puppies who dig their way under the fence and scramble, roly-poly, pell-mell down the hill in search of adventure.

  12. The Adventures of Taxi Dog

    Picture books for dog loversMaxi is a homeless mutt on the streets New York City until a taxi cab driver named Jim takes him in and gives him a spot on the front seat.

    The story is told in rhyming verse and the pictures are bright and vibrant.

Do you love picture books? If so, you can peruse more of our favorites, on other themes, by following this link: Flanders Family’s Favorite Picture Books

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Do you love dogs? Do you have any favorite titles you feel deserve a place on this list of picture books for dog lovers? If so, please share them in the comment section below!

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