Swiss Family Robinson (& More August Reads)

August Reads

I only finished three books in August: Swiss Family Robinson and two others. Read on for my impression of each title:

  • Cuckoo Sudoku by Djape

    Cuckoo SudokuIt took me almost 8 months to finish, but I just completed the Cukoo Sudoku book I’ve been working on since January 1.

    These multi-grid puzzles are some of the most challenging I’ve ever worked. It took me a full week to finish the first one!

    The book includes lots of variations on the sudoku theme, including consecutive and non-consecutive order puzzles, greater-than-less-than puzzles, diagonal sudoku, and grids-within-grids, just to name a few.

    If you are a sudoku enthusiast (or know one), give this book a try. It would make a great Christmas gift for fellow sudoku fans.

  • The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss

    Swiss Family RobinsonOur family listened to Frederick Davidson’s reading of The Swiss Family Robinson on the road to and from Branson, Missouri, last month.

    As much as we like the movie, the book was 100 times better. It explained in great detail all the various inventions they made to make their lives on the island safer and easier.

    And the book made us privy to the father’s thoughts about their plight, as he narrated the whole story.

    As Christians, we really resonated with the Robinson family’s strong faith in God. It was evident on nearly every page, as they prayed for God’s protection and praised Him for His mercies.

    We especially loved the narrator’s accent in this particular audiobook version. He did a wonderful job with all the voices.

  • 15 Anti-Aging Skincare Recipes from the Garden by Chris Dalziel

    15 Anti-Aging Skin Care RecipesI got this book as part of the UB’s Mastering Menopause Bundle I purchased this summer.

    Sadly, neither that bundle nor this book is available apart from that limited-time (now expired) offer.

    So, instead of linking the title to the book, I’ve linked to one of the author’s anti-aging recipes on her website.

    If you’re interested in all-natural, homemade remedies, you should definitely check the site out.

    There you’ll also find a wealth of information on everything from gardening, growing mushrooms and micro-greens to making teas, tinctures, and salves.

August Reads

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  1. We grew up listening to Swiss Family Robinson all the time! It was one of our favorites, and I still enjoy it today! I agree, the book is 100 times better than the movie! 🙂

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