Joy to the World (& More November Reads)

I finished five books in November, including my own devotional journal, Joy to the World. Read on for my impressions of each title.

5 Books I read in November

Vandereekers and the Hidden Garden

The Vandereekers (Book 2) by Karina Yan Glaser

My grandkids and I finished listening to The Vandereekers and the Hidden Garden last month.

We loved hearing about all the hard (but secret) work the Vanderbeeker children put into transforming an empty lot next to the church into a beautiful garden for all their neighbors to enjoy. 

And we admired all the resourceful ways they found of filling it, despite having a shoestring budget. The book was inspiring, and made all of us want to get outside, dig in the dirt, and cultivate something amazing.

Mothering by the Book by Jennifer Pepito

Jennifer Pepito’s Mothering by the Book examines how reading classic literature aloud to her children (coupled with reading lots and lots of Scripture) helped her overcome a variety of fears she faced as the mother of seven children.

Reading her thoughts felt like having a delightfully uplifting conversation with a kindred spirit.

The biblical insights Pepito shares helped grow her faith and powerfully transform her life. If you’re prone to worry, Mothering by the Book might do the same for you.

How to Study the Bible by John McArthur

My husband and I listened to John McArthur’s How to Study the Bible along with our children during a recent road trip. It was short — only about three hours long — but packed with good information, like Cliff Notes for a Biblical Hermeneutics class I took back in college.

I found myself pausing several times to jot down notes. This book would be an excellent resource for anybody with an earnest desire to dig more deeply into God’s Word.

Breaking Up with Sugar by Molly Carmel

I’ve  packed on quite a few pounds in the past eighteen months, thanks to menopause, a stressful move, and a painful hip injury. So I’ve been feeling the need to make some dietary changes for some time now.

Molly Carmel offers great advice for dropping unwanted pounds permanently. Her solution? Ditch refined sugar and flour. For good.

This book makes a compelling argument for why doing so is key to conquering weight problems and improving your overall health. Her program is backed by scientific research and endorsed by myriad success stories.

Joy to the World

Joy to the World by Jennifer Flanders

Joy to the World is a little devotional journal I created myself for advent, and I pull my copy out every year (right after Thanksgiving) to re-read and work through a few more pages.

It is filled with writing prompts, word studies, Bible verses, and some of the most beautiful vintage artwork you will ever see.

For me, it is the perfect thing for helping me savor the season and keep my heart and mind fixed on the real reason we celebrate!

Make Time for Reading

Do you love to read as much as we do? I’ve gathered all my best resources for bibliophiles onto this page, or you can read more of my book reviews by following this link .

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