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Ampersand Quiz (Free Printable)

Ampersand Quiz

Some things just seem to go together: socks & shoes, pots & pans, love & marriage. And that little ampersand sign does such a good job of connecting them, don’t you think?

When I was dating my husband, I wrote him a very corny poem based on the idea that he & I are better together. My life would not be nearly as full without him!

Since today is National Ampersand Day — did you even know such a holiday existed? — I created an ampersand quiz full of things that usually go together. Can you pair them properly?

Ampersand Quiz

PLEASE NOTE: The solutions to our ampersand quiz are on page 2 of the PDF file, so no fair peeking early! Also, if you’re making copies to share with a group, remember to only print one copy of the second page. ?

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Ampersand Quiz

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