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Scripture Chain: Countdown through Lent to Easter

Free Easter Countdown Chain for Lent
Two months of the New Year have already passed and we find ourselves at the beginning of Lent this week. Easter is just around the corner!

One of my brilliant readers suggested I create a Easter Scripture Countdown chain for the season of Lent like the Advent Scripture Countdown I designed a few Christmases ago. I thought that was a terrific idea and got right on it!

There are so many great Bible verses appropriate to this season, it was difficult to narrow it down, but I eventually settled on these:

Free Easter Countdown Printable for Lent

Scripture Chain Assembly How-To

I printed several copies on different colors of card stock so we could alternate colors (and have extras to share with extended family and neighbors).

Supplies needed - paper cutter and glue

I cut the days apart using a paper cutter ($2 garage sale find that has been serving our family well for decades now, though it could probably stand to be sharpened after all that use. Anybody know how to do that?).

Sorting verses for our Scripture Countdown to Easter

Then my youngest daughter helped me sort them and glue our chain together. Didn’t it turn out nice?

Our finished Easter Countdown Scripture Chain

The chain incorporates the 40 days of Lent. (For this year, that runs Wednesday, March 6, through Thursday, April 18.) It also covers all of the Passion week (Palm Sunday through Resurrection Sunday). Since those time periods include a few days of overlap, there’s a total of 43 verses on this chain.

Don’t feel like you have to begin on the first day of Lent, either. You can pick up on it anytime.

In fact, I purposefully made the final week such that it can stand alone. It highlights the events of the passion week and would make a great Sunday school craft to send home with students on Palm Sunday (hint-hint).

For Further Study…

For another great way to focus your thoughts on the finished work of Christ the Lenten season, check out my brand new devotional journal, Because He Lives (affiliate link).

Because He Lives - Devotional Journal for Easter and the Lenten Season

It’s full of word studies, journaling prompts, Bible verses, and beautiful vintage artwork…

Journal for Lent - Because He Lives

As in all my other devotional journals, there’s lots of room to write or sketch. Space to reflect on the Scripture quotes on every page. Intricate borders and detailed images to color as you meditate on God’s word.

Because He Lives - Easter Journal

Because He Lives is designed to help readers ponder the marvelous, matchless love of Christ. A love that compelled Him to come to earth, take on flesh, live a sinless life, and die on our behalf.

Because He Lives - Devotional Journal for Easter

Whether you use resources like these or not, it’s my prayer that you would draw close to God during this Lenten season and walk in His ways throughout all the days that follow. May He bless you richly!

Easter & Lent Countdown - Free Printable Scripture Chain
Easter and Lent Scripture Chain - Free Printable

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  1. I don’t know if you need to sharpen your paper cutter still, but the best way to do that is to cut a few folded up sheets of aluminum foil. 1just cut through them 3 or 4 times and it will help a ton!

  2. Hello! I really liked this chain! The only problem was the numbers were in order on each colored page, so the same colors were right next to each other when put in to chain form.

    1. You’re right, Beth. I usually print two or three copies in different colors, then alternate them to make 2 or 3 sets. We paste one set into a chain and either share the others with grandkids or save for next year. But it would’ve been smart to separate the numbers on different pages so you could just print one set in three colors and have them alternate properly. Sorry I didn’t think to do that originally. I may try to go back and revamp the printable at some point in the future, but haven’t time to do so right now.

  3. Thank you for the Easter Scripture Countdown Chain! I teach children’s church and we are going to do this next Sunday. We are running behind on our lessons since church has been closed due to the crazy weather. Thank you again!

  4. Hello Jennifer,
    Thank you for trying, but it still came out with the cross upside down. Everything else the I print comes out okay.
    I will just cut it out the best I can and turn it around.
    Thank you again,

  5. Hello
    I printed the Easter Countdown Scripture Chain but the Cross comes out upside down. Why?
    I really like the chain except for that. Help.

    1. I have no idea why it would print that way. I’m sending you the file directly to see if that changes anything. So sorry about the trouble. It prints perfectly when I try it at home.

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