Marriage Encouragement Cards for Couples

Free Printable Encouragement Cards for Couples

Today I’m sharing some marriage encouragement cards that I often use at wedding showers. These quarter-sheets are the perfect size for guests to write on. I keep a stack handy with a bunch of pens in my entryway and ask everyone to jot down a few words of advice or a short prayer for the happy couple.

Prayers and Advice for Bride and Groom

We usually take a few minutes after the lovebirds finish opening the gifts to pray over them and offer words of encouragement. But handwritten advice lasts longer and makes a nice keepsake for the bride and groom. Plus, I’ve noted that some of the best marriage tips come from gentle, quiet souls whose reluctance to speak in front of a crowd might otherwise might keep them from sharing their words of wisdom.

More Fun Wedding and Shower Printables

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25 Ways to Nurture Your Marriage

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  1. We are a small growing church. We appreciate all the information that is printable. I have search the internet so many time trying to find free printable but all of them charges. i wasn’t looking for printable when I found this web pages, I just stumble across it, in other words God guided me to it. Thanks for all you do and I pray that God continue to bless you, your family and church.

    1. You’re so welcome, Winnie. I’m glad God sent you our way. Hope the printables continue to be a blessing to you and your small congregation.

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