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Famous Couples Matching Game

Famous Couples Matching Quiz

Everybody knows Valentine’s Day falls in February. But did you realize this month bears another love-themed title or two? Not only has February been designated National Weddings Month, it’s also Creative Romance Month?

To celebrate, I think a short quiz is in order. So I created the following Famous Couples Matching Game. How many of these dynamic duos can you correctly pair together?

Famous Couples Matching Quiz

I designed this quiz for a Valentine Brunch I’m hosting next week. (No fair peeking in advance if you received an invite!) But it would also make a great game to play at bridal showers or other wedding events. Or maybe even at a couples retreat.

The romantically-linked pairs in the list come from a variety of sources. Some are historical figures. Some are literary characters. You may recognize a couple of cartoon characters or movie heroes & heroines, as well.

So test your skill. If you get stumped, you can find the answer key on page 2 of the printable PDF.

Free Printable Game for Bridal Showers or Valentine Parties

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Famous Couples Matching Quiz

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  1. Thank you so much for making it so easy to use your resources, no downloading or subscribing. Great for family too.

    1. Done! Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention. I knew Halpert is spelled with a “p” and had no idea I’d mistyped it on my quiz. It’s correct now, though, thanks to your rad proofreading skills. 🙂

    1. Ugh. I can’t believe I misspelled that! I should have had my husband proofread this one before I posted it. He would have caught that typo, for sure. So glad you spotted it right away and wrote to let me know about it, Gramma. I’ve corrected all the faulty files now, so you can print an updated (and hopefully error-free) list whenever you’re ready.

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