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Hipster Trivia Quiz: I Mustache You 10 Questions

Fake Mustache Day Trivia Test

Imagine Family Feud asked 100 people to “Name a holiday traditionally celebrated in February.” The most popular survey responses would probably be one of the following.

If a contestant buzzed in with “Fake Mustache Day,” it would most likely count as a strike against them.

Flanders Family Fun

Nevertheless, that IS a holiday traditionally celebrated in February. And not just once, but twice! The US doesn’t celebrate “National Fake Mustache Day” until February 24. But the rest of the world observes “International Fake Mustache Day” on February 3. That’s today!

Flanders Family Fun

In honor of the occasion, I’m compiled this hipster quiz: Are You in the Know about the Mo? Take the test to see just how ‘stache savvy you are.

Hipster Trivia Quiz

  1. Which US President did NOT wear a mustache?
    1. Chester Arthur
    2. Grover Cleveland
    3. William McKinley
    4. Theodore Roosevelt

  2. Why did Hitler choose the particular style mustache he wore?
    1. He was trying to cover up a cleft lip.
    2. He was imitating a famous actor of his time.
    3. It was an attempt to draw attention away from crooked teeth.
    4. It allowed his gas mask to fit more snugly.

  3. What style mustache was worn by the magician in the Christmas classic, Frosty the Snowman?
    1. handlebar
    2. fu manchu
    3. dali
    4. lampshade

  4. The average man with a mo touches it how many times per day?
    1. 76
    2. 360
    3. 760
    4. 3600

  5. A mustache is capable of absorbing what percentage of its own weight in water?
    1. 10%
    2. 20%
    3. 25%
    4. 33%

  6. Which of The Beatles grew his mustache for the pragmatic reason of covering up the swollen lip he got in a moped accident?
    1. John Lenin
    2. Paul McCartney
    3. George Harrison
    4. Ringo Starr

  7. Who wrote, “To a brave man, honour is dearer than life; and to the major, his whiskers were dearer than honour itself!”?
    1. Cassio
    2. Socrates
    3. Charles Dickens
    4. Mark Twain

  8. Which game show host stopped sporting his iconic mustache in 2001?
    1. Steve Harvey (Family Feud)
    2. Alex Trebek (Jeopardy!)
    3. Pat Sajak (Wheel of Fortune)
    4. Peter Marshall (Hollywood Squares)

  9. Which mustached cartoon character works as a plumber?
    1. Ned Flanders
    2. Yosemite Sam
    3. Mario Mario
    4. Dick Dastardly

  10. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s longest mustache was how long?
    1. 3 ft
    2. 7 ft
    3. 10 ft
    4. 14 ft

Did any of those trivia questions stump you? Click on the image below to check your answers. Or print extra copies of the quiz and challenge your friends.

Mustache Trivia Test

Meanwhile, we hope you have a Fantabulous Fake Mustache Day! No matter which week you decide to celebrate it. :-{)

Fake Mustache Day

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