Mailbag: Date Nights, Happiness, and Intimacy Issues

Monday Mailbag

We’ve received several questions from readers lately on topics that seem better suited to our other blogs — topics such as intimacy issues and date nights. So we’ve taken the liberty of answering them there. Click through the links to read our responses to the following questions:

Date Night Dilemmas

What’s a wife to do whose husband shows no initiative in making date night a priority? Jennifer tackles this question on her blog, Loving Life at Home.

Date Night: What to do if your husband won't plan it.

How Can I Be a Happier Person?

Sometimes the old adage, “Choose Joy,” is easier said than done. If you tend to focus on the negative side of things, here are 6 helpful tips for changing your perspective:

6 Simple Secrets of Extremely Happy People

Dealing with a Disinterested Spouse

What’s a husband to do whose wife won’t sleep with him? Doug answers this question on his blog, All Truth Is God’s Truth.

Note: In the past, we’ve addressed this same topic for wives in marriages where the roles are reversed. If you’re interested, but he’s not, you may want to read the following posts on Jennifer’s blog:

What to Do If Your Wife Won't Sleep with You

Each of these questions (on prioritizing date night, cultivating happiness, and dealing with disinterest) have prompted some lively discussions on our other blogs, which tells us the topics hit home with a lot of our readers. That’s why we decided to share the links here, as well.

Have another question you’d like to see addressed in this column? Write us here to submit it. And for more marriage encouragement, check out my book Love Your Husband, Love Yourself.

Love Your Husband, Love Yourself

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