Bridal Shower Word Scramble

Bridal Shower Word Scramble Game

Can you believe it’s June already? And since June is National Wedding Month, I thought I’d kick it off with this free printable Bridal Shower Word Scramble Game.

Try your hand at unscrambling mixed up, wedding themed words like these:

  • VoIanittin
  • Edrib
  • Quotebu
  • Sovw
  • Nutyi Ledcan

Don’t let the beginning consonants fool you. I just capitalized them to make the game more challenging. It’s amazing how that one tiny detail makes it so much harder!

Bridal Shower Word Scramble Game

This bridal-themed scramble joins a long list of other seasonal word scrambles I’ve published on this blog. Like the others, I’ve included a full page printable or, if you prefer to save paper and ink, the half-page version pictured below:

Bridal Shower Word Scramble Game

More shower games

Are you looking for more games to play at bridal showers? You’ll find a few more by following the links below:

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  • Marriage Encouragement Cards – Ask the guests to offer a few words of encouragement, a prayer, or a great piece of advice to the happy couple. Each person can jot down her thoughts on these pretty cards, then all read them aloud during the party.
  • Beautiful Bride Coloring Page – If you have younger guests at your bridal shower, this coloring page will help keep them entertained.

Do you need a great shower or wedding gift? Slip a gift card inside the cover of my book, Love Your Husband, Love Yourself. If the betrothed couple reads it and applies what they learn, it will be worth far, far more than the price of the book or the amount on the card!

Love Your Husband, Love Yourself

Bridal Shower Word Scramble Game

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