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Printable Presentation Day Calendar

SpeechI have a friend who found a great way to help her children gain skill and comfort in public speaking: by having them practice in front of their own (large and growing) family during a weekly “Presentation Day” devoted to that very purpose.

Our family has decided to do the same thing this year, and the kids are loving it. Even one of our college graduates who happened to be at home during our first presentation day asked if he could join in, as well. Pulling a hymnal off the shelf, he sang several verses of “Trust and Obey” for his younger siblings.

Our first couple of weeks consisted of rather impromptu speeches and performances of various sorts. A couple of children played the piano, little ones quoted Bible verses, one son gave a very detailed tutorial on making free throws in basketball, another child made a speech about making speeches.

I loved the variety of presentations, and I especially loved the enthusiasm with which the kids tackled this new assignment. I promised to provide them a list of assigned topics well in advance, so that they could plan accordingly. I decided to also post our schedule here, in case any of you want to try it with your own family:

Our 2013 Presentation Day Schedule - Spring Semester
Our 2013 Presentation Day Schedule – Spring Semester

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