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Free Printable Goal Setting Worksheets

Goal Setting Worksheets

I love a New Year, don’t you? It’s a great time for looking back, taking stock, celebrating victories, thanking God, recognizing weaknesses, asking forgiveness, looking ahead, making plans, resolving to do better, praying for wisdom, and starting afresh.

I worked on all those things this morning while my children slept in. The older ones helped ring in the New Year with friends, but Doug and I and our little ones went to bed early last night, so as to begin January 1 well-rested.

Happy New Year!

I’m keeping my printer busy today! For several years now I have used this one-page 52-Week Bible Reading Plan and really like it, so I’m printing another copy of that for this year.

But I also created some goal setting worksheets to help map out priorities and schedules for the coming 12 months. Maybe you’ll find them helpful, too:

New Year Goals for Myself

New Year Goals for My Child

These worksheets have space for setting personal, spiritual, educational, social, and financial goals. So think through what you’d like to accomplish in each of these areas over the next 12 months and commit those dreams to paper.

The version for your children is especially well-suited for homeschoolers, but is a worthwhile exercise for any parent who wants to be intentional about time spent interacting with your progeny.

In addition to spiritual, academic, physical, practical, and social goals, there are spaces provided for recognizing each of your children’s unique strengths and weaknesses and developing a strategy for developing/improving them through curriculum choices, memory passages, extra-curricular activities, and health measures.

Make the coming year your best yet

Want more planning, goal setting, and organizational printables like these pretty goal setting worksheets? You’ll find lots more in my Life Balance Bundle. Just click on the link below for details.

Life Balance Bundle

Goal Setting Worksheets

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer, for the goal setting chart. I just happen to love setting goals, and I love this chart! I think that I am going to put some real thought and time into it, and I may put it in a frame to keep on my desk. This is an area that gets cluttered because I will put things like magazines and mail on it until I can get back to it: usually when I pay bills. I have joined your closed group for women to encourage one another. I don’t know how active I will be because of extenuating circumstances, but I will try. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful example as a person, mother, wife and friend.

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