Free Printable Wake Up Reminder

Monday Mailbag Q&A

For my Monday Mailbag post this week, I’m sharing a free printable wake up reminder.

Free Wake Up Reminder

That’s because one of the questions I receive most often comes not from the readers of my blog, but from the children in my house. I find it written on sticky notes and chalk boards and scraps of paper, left on my nightstand or stuck to the fridge or taped to the screen of my computer.

The question written in all these different ways is this:

“Mom, will you get me up at [such and such time] in the morning?”

The wake-up times vary, but the urgency is the same. Most of our kids have alarm clocks, but most of them have also been known to sleep through said alarms (with or without hitting the snooze button a dozen times in their semi-conscious state).

So whenever it is absolutely imperative that they be out of the house at an early hour (like this morning, as we were starting back to our homeschool co-op after a 6-week Christmas break) they use me as a fail-safe to make sure the rise on time.

The trouble is, I usually get up when it is still very dark, so their little reminders sometimes go unnoticed.

Until now.

I finally got wise and used my trusty laminator to create a re-usable wake-up reminder. Best of all, this one is big enough for me to see even without my reading glasses.

Free printable wake-up reminder

We keep it in a drawer in the utility room, along with a dry erase marker. Now, anytime one of the kids say, “Mom, will you wake me up?” I point them to that drawer. It didn’t take them long to learn the new routine.

Anybody requesting a wake up call can simply check the preferred hour and sign their name. They do so in big, bold letters, then they lay it on the floor outside my bedroom door. That way, I’ll be sure to spot it first thing in the morning.

Free printable wake-up reminder

If this scene ever plays out at your house, you might want to codify the process as well. Just laminate a copy of our printable wake-up reminder, then specify where kids need to leave it in order for you to see it in time to honor their request. [Note: I printed ours on yellow paper. But the PDF file is black and white, so you can make yours whatever color you want.]

Free Printable Wake Up Reminder

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