Anti-Virus Mutation (Timberdoodle Review)

When we got home from Europe last month, this is what we found waiting for us:

The mail stacked up while we were gone.

Most of those packages contained gifts we’d ordered for Christmas, but two of the boxes were chock full of books and curriculum for me to review for Timberdoodle.

Timberdoodle Reviews

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been shopping at Timberdoodle for three decades now — long before I ever joined their blog team.

In those thirty years, my children and I have all loved every product we’ve ever ordered from them. The stuff they carry has helped make our educational experience far richer and more well-rounded than it might otherwise have been, especially in those early years when there were precious few curriculum companies willing to sell to homeschoolers.

Some of our perennial favorites are their thinking games, so I jumped at the chance to review a new one called Anti-Virus Mutation. (UPDATE: Although this logic puzzle is still available through Amazon, Timberdoodle no longer carries it)

Anti-Virus Mutation

Designed for ages 7 and above, the object of the game is to get the red virus off the board by moving and manipulating the other game pieces to clear a path for it.

Anti-Virus Mutation

A booklet of 60 different starting positions challenges players in increasing levels of difficulty from easy to expert. There is no obligation to work the puzzles in order, thought we usually try to do so.

Anti-Virus Mutation

The game is designed to stimulate important cognitive skills, including:

  • flexible thinking
  • problem solving
  • concentration
  • logic
  • planning

Anti-Virus Mutation

It’s a single-player game, which makes it a great choice for keeping an early finisher quiet and engaged while his siblings finish their lessons.

Although Timberdoodle no longer carries Anti-Virus Mutation, their catalog is still jam-packed with other great products. Check them out!

Interested in reviewing products for Timberdoodle yourself? You can! If you’re a blogger, you can apply to join the Timberdoodle blog team. If not, you can still earn “doodle dollars” for every qualifying review posted to their website. For details on how the doodle dollar program works, click here.

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    1. My kids are having a great time with it, MaryAnne. If yours like Timberdoodle’s other thinking games, they’ll love this one!

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