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Amazing Pets Show: Fun Family Entertainment

Although the snow in Branson had melted by the end of the week enough for us to do a few outdoor activities, we still set aside time to see the Amazing Pets Show at the Grand Country Music Hall on Saturday morning — and are we ever glad we did.

Amazing Pet Show - Fun Family Entertainment

Featuring exciting acts and tricks from a troupe of skilled dogs, beautiful birds, and trained house cats, this family-friendly production is a hit with all ages! The show’s casual format makes it a particularly good choice for families with young children who might be a little too squirmy or vocal for other venues.

Amazing Pet Show - Fun Family Entertainment

The pets are remarkable, not only for their intelligence and highly entertaining tricks, but also for the fact that they were all rescued from local animal shelters. I love that!

And their stunts really were amazing — especially the cats, who impressed us with their unusual willingness to cooperate.

Amazing Pet Show - Fun Family Entertainment

The show’s emcee, Apple Jack, asked the audience not to take any photographs or video while the animals were onstage, so I wasn’t able to document any of the exciting acts we saw, but there were lots of opportunities for audience participation, and I was able to capture a few of those in pictures.

Amazing Pet Show - Fun Family Entertainment

Even our own 10-year-old Gabriel ventured down to the front of the auditorium to get in on one of the acts.

Amazing Pet Show - Fun Family Entertainment

Parents were a little more reluctant to take the spotlight, although one fun dad agreed, with hilarious results.

Amazing Pet Show - Fun Family Entertainment

While the dogs and cats did all their tricks front and center, the beautiful birds ventured out into the audience, flying so low that I could feel their wings brush the top of my head more than once.

Amazing Pet Show - Fun Family Entertainment

There were opportunities during intermission to get a snapshot with the stars of the show, including a tiny masked poodle known as “Batdog.” Isn’t he adorable?

Amazing Pet Show - Fun Family Entertainment

Our family received complimentary tickets to the Amazing Pets show as part of a US Family Guide blogger promotion in exchange for this honest review, but my readers can get $3.00 off the purchase price of each Amazing Pets ticket by using this coupon.

And be sure to save your ticket stub afterward, as it can be redeemed for discounts on additional shows and/or for meals at either of the restaurants on the premises.

Amazing Pet Show - Fun Family Entertainment

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