Fun with Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static Set

Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static Review

My friends at Timberdoodle recently contacted me about reviewing Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static. Of course, I agreed enthusiastically.

kit contents

As I’ve noted before, our family has shopped Timberdoodle for decades, with great results. Doing so has provided an easy way to enrich our children’s homeschool education and develop their critical thinking skills.

instruction book

Timberdoodle curates some of the best STEM products on the market, of which this Fischertechnik set is a prime example. It contains instructions for 30 different projects.

Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static

The hardest part was picking which project to tackle first!

Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static Review

Sorting through all the tiny parts also took a little time. Beware: this kit poses a choking hazzard for children under three, so you’ll need to designate a place for your older kids to build away from the babies.

two boys building

We were impressed by how sturdy the finished projects are. The pieces lock together securely, so even larger builds hold together without a problem. That fact comes in handy when it’s time to clear the kitchen table for dinner!

Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static Review

My kids love the fact the kit comes with motors! That means turn tables turn, cars roll, and crane arms swing with just a flip of a switch.

building without a blueprint

The directions for building are clear and easy to follow, even for reluctant readers.

Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static Review

In addition to cars, cranes, and turn tables, instructions are included for several different style bridges and a variety of machines.

first fischertechnik project completed

For us, this set has been the perfect companion for the Wile E. Coyote Physical Science books I reviewed earlier this summer.

sorting pieces

First we read about simple machines: pulleys, levers, inclined planes, and so forth. Then we get to see those same machines in action when we build the projects in our Fischertechnik kit.

Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static Review

Of course, the thirty projects included in this kit are just the beginning. Kids can use their imaginations to build all sorts of other contraptions. I’ve been waking up to find a new mechanical device on our kitchen table every morning!

Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static Review

You may purchase the Fischertechnik Mechanic & Static set as a stand-alone product. But Timberdoodle’s 8th grade curriculum kit includes this set, as well. I hope you’ll check it out!

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