Don’t Tickle the Tiger!

Front Cover - Don't Tickle the Tiger

Gabriel recently read the grandkids another new book we got from Timberdoodle. This one’s called Don’t Tickle the Tiger, but [spoiler alert] the book is a lot more fun to read when you do.

Don't Tickle the Tiger

In fact, my grandkids completely ignored the instructions on every single page and tickled all those animals relentlessly!

Don't Tickle the Tiger

If you read the book, I’d heartily recommend doing the same Not only are all the little critters velvety plush to the touch, but each makes a different noise when you stroke them.

Don't Tickle the Gorilla

I’m not sure how the book knows which sound to produce when, but my grandchildren were delighted with each new animal call: grunts, squawks, croaks, and roars.

Reading Aloud

You can’t say readers aren’t warned. Every page tells you exactly what will happen if you don’t keep your hands to yourself. Ha!

Don't Tickle the Tiger

If your kids/grandkids are anything like mine, one read-through won’t satisfy them. They’ll beg to go through this book again and again. Just be sure to switch off the battery in the back when they’re finally ready to put it away. That way it will stay fresh and ready to go for the next tickle session!

Don';t Tickle the Tiger

Interested in reading Don’t Tickle the Tiger to your own little munchkins? You can grab a copy from Timberdoodle. It’s available for individual purchase or as a part of their 2022 Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit.

Don't Tickle the Tiger

While you’re on the Timberdoodle website, I’d encourage you to look around. We love everything we’ve ever ordered from this small family-owned company!

Be sure to sign up for their Doodle Dollar program to save on future purchases. And to read more of my Timberdoodle Reviews, follow this link.

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PLEASE NOTE: As a member of the Timberdoodle blog team, I routinely receive free or deeply discounted products in exchange for writing honest reviews. Opinions expressed in these posts are 100% my own. I’ve been a happy and enthusiastic Timberdoodle customer for decades — long before I ever started blogging for their company.

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