Back-to-School Word Scramble Game

Back-to-School Word Scramble

We just got back from a road trip up the East Coast, and do you know what? School is already back in session in some states. Can you believe that? I thought publishing this free printable Back-to-School Word Scramble Game in mid-August would give folks plenty of time to print it off before heading back to class, but evidently not. So I’m sharing it today for all you early birds out there. 🐣

As with all my other word scrambles, I’ve capitalized the first letter in each mixed up word. I find that makes them a little harder to decipher. See if you agree by trying to unscramble the examples below.

Or print multiple copies, set a timer, and challenge family and friends to see who can finish first (or unscramble the most words in an allotted amount of time). Have fun, and no fair peeking at the answer key until you finish (or give up).

  1. Rachete
  2. Scromlaso
  3. Denttuss
  4. Lipcen
  5. Scorsiss

If you prefer large print, you’ll want to print the full-page puzzle. If you want to conserve ink, print the half-page version instead. Enjoy

Back-to-School Word Scramble

Back-to-School Word Scramble

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