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It’s Not Easy Being Green Trivia Quiz

Leprechaun Lunch

This year for St. Patrick’s Day, we did something new. In addition to our traditional Leprechaun Lunch, I designed something fun for the kids to do after dinner. Entitled It’s Not Easy Being Green Trivia Quiz, it covers all things emerald, lime, and chartreuse.

Free Printable Matching Game for St. Patrick's Day - Not Easy Being Green

If you think this printable looks more like a pop quiz than a party game, you’re right. That’s what you get with a mom who’s homeschooled for 30+ years — she sees everything as a learning opportunity.

But the kids don’t complain. They’re a competitive lot, so they usually just race to see who can finish fastest with the fewest wrong answers. We had several make perfect scores on this quiz. Try your skill to see how many of these verdant characters you can name.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. Husband of Princess Fiona
  2. Scientist Bruce Banner
  3. Love interest of Miss Piggy
  4. Garbage can resident on Sesame Street
  5. Rode a horse named Pokey
  6. Stanley Ipkiss’s alter ego
  7. James P Sullivan’s one-eyed co-worker
  8. Sings silly songs to teach good morals
  9. Lived north of Whoville
  10. Small but wise Jedi
  11. Female Guardian of the Galaxy
  12. Arch nemesis of Spiderman
  13. Coveted Dorothy’s ruby slippers
  14. Onion-headed ghost made of ectoplasm
  15. Female Supervillain who fought Batman
  16. Taller, thinner brother of Mario
  17. Rodian bounty hunter in search of Han Solo
  18. Teen Titans & Doom Patrol Member
  19. Wealthy owner of Queen Industries
  20. Chased flies through school cafeteria
  21. Once an evil henchman of Rita Repulsa
  22. Helps sell canned garden vegetables
  23. Engineer Alan Scott
  24. Had a run in with King Kong
  25. Large, patchwork man with flat head
  26. Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael & Leonardo

Not Easy Being Green Trivia Quiz

Our Traditional Leprechaun Lunch

When it came time to eat, we enjoyed a few new dishes along with our old favorites. This year’s all-green menu included:

  • veggies (sugar snap peas, celery, and green bell peppers) with hummus
  • broccoli slaw
  • spinach & mushroom mini frittatas (these are yummy and so easy to make)
  • green bean casserole
  • colcannon with kale (Irish mashed potato dish)
  • roasted Brussels sprouts (a family favorite)
  • homemade guacamole (12-year-old Daniel did the honors
  • sliced honeydew melon
  • fruit salad (white grapes, sliced kiwi, and pineapple chunks)
  • Hershey kisses wrapped in green foil
  • Paddy’s punch (lime sherbet mixed with Sprite)
  • ice water with limes)

By the way, those green-foiled Hershey kisses have been set aside for a full month. We hosted a Valentine Brunch four weeks ago, and the grocery store was out of the pink and red kisses, so my husband brought home five bags of Easter colors for me to pick the pink ones out of for that party. Aren’t you proud to know I’ve had the green ones hidden in my closet for our Leprechaun Lunch ever since then and have (mostly) resisted the urge to indulge early?

Want to have more fun with your family and friends this spring? Download one of our free printable bucket lists for a wealth of ideas!

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  1. Thanks for doing these, but there some errors??? for instance on the “Being Green” game #2 Should be Bruce Banner, not Bruce Bannion – The Hulk.

    1. Thanks so much for alerting me to my mistake, Doug. I grew up watching the Incredible Hulk, so I’m not sure how I got that name wrong. I finally found time to correct the misspelling, though, along with a few other minor typos, so this printable should be error-free now!

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