Grandparents Day Printables for Kids

Grandparents Day Printables

Since Grandparents Day is right around the corner, I wanted to share some Grandparents Day printables I created recently. Three of my children’s four grandparents are still alive and well, and I thought these pages would be a fun way to honor them this year.

If your kids are still blessed to have living grandparents, I hope you’ll consider having them complete some of these pages, as well. They’re done in the same style as the printables for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day I’ve shared in the past. Enjoy!

First we have short lists of the qualities we love most about Grandma and Grandpa:

5 Things I love about Grandma

5 Things I love about Grandpa

Then there’s a short biographical page for each:

Grandparents Day Printables

Grandparents Day Printables

If your children are too young for writing, they might enjoy coloring a pretty picture to send Oma and Opa. This Grandparents Day printable would make a good choice for that:

Free Christian Coloring Page

Do you have grandchildren yourself? I’d encourage you to be proactive about investing in their lives, even if they live far away. For ideas on how to do that effectively, check out this post: 6 Smart Ways to Connect with Your Grandchildren

Grandparents Day Printables

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