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50 Things to Do for Summer Fun

Summer Fun Printable

Yes, I know. The official start of summer is still more than a month away. But here in the south, warmer weather has arrived, school is winding down, and summer fun is beckoning, so I thought I’d publish this seasonal bucket list a little early so you can get a jumpstart on making memories with your kiddos while they have a break from classes and homework.

I highly recommend compiling a personalized list for your family of things you want to make sure you do before school starts back up in August. If you need some help brainstorming, you can start with this list of 50 Things to Do for Summer Fun and build from there:

50 Things to Do for Summer Fun
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50 Fun Activities for your Family to Enjoy this Summer:

  1. Eat watermelon

    Eating Watermelon

    To make it extra challenging, try racing to see who can devour a slice first with your hands behind your back!

  2. Go swimming at a lake or pool

    Fun at the Pool

  3. Do a flip off the diving board

    Our sons love to stage diving board exhibitions and entertain us this way every summer.

  4. Visit a children’s museum

    And if you’ll be traveling this summer, you may want to become a member of your hometown museum in order to take advantage of reciprocal benefits on the road.

  5. Sign up for a summer book club

    If your local library doesn’t offer a summer reading program for kids, check out this list of local businesses who reward children for the time they spend reading: Summer Reading Rewards Programs

  6. Go to a flea market

    See who can find the best treasure within a given price range.

  7. Have a cherry pit spitting contest

    Queue up in a line and see who can spit their pit the furthest. My husband holds the record in our family with a distance of 39 feet. (If you top that, let me know in the comment section below. I promise to be duly impressed!)

  8. Paint a picture

    Tempera, water color, oil or acrylic, it doesn’t matter. Just grab a canvas or some card stock and let your creativity run wild.

  9. Enjoy a staycation

    You don’t have to travel very far to get away from your everyday routine.

  10. Watch a meteor shower

  11. Play “Capture the Flag”

  12. Learn a new craft

  13. Host an ice cream social

    Invite the neighbors over to make sundaes. You provide the bowls of ice cream and ask your guests to bring their favorite toppings.

  14. Go horseback riding

    Horseback Riding

  15. Have a shaving cream fight

    Shaving Cream War

    I’m not sure which of our kids first came up with this brainstorm of an idea, but it has become a favorite family tradition — one we usually observe on the Fourth of July, or thereabouts.

  16. Go to a waterpark

    Don’t forget your beach towels and sunscreen!

  17. Use bows & arrows for target practice

  18. Watch a fireworks show

    Another revered tradition for Independence Day. We sometimes bring a boom box and play John Phillips Sousa as we watch.

  19. Race in canoes, kayaks or paddle boats

    Paddle Boats

  20. Enjoy nature & the great outdoors

    For extra fun on your next family hike, try our Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

  21. Make a homemade piñata

    Homemade Piñata

    Did you know diaper boxes make great piñata bases? We’ve turned those cardboard cubes into red brick houses, ribbon festooned packages, and even Spongebob Squarepants. They hold up well to even big kids trying to break them open and hold plenty of candy to feed a crowd.

  22. Shoot hoops

  23. Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day

    Cow Appreciation Day

    For one day a year, you can dress like a cow and get free food from Chick-fil-A. Can’t beat that!

  24. Do a few science experiments

  25. Learn a new card game

    Some of our family’s favorites include Uno, Spoons, and Snappy Dressers.

  26. Write to a pen pal

  27. Play putt putt golf

    Putt Putt Golf

  28. Compete in a 5K or triathlon


  29. Make homemade popsicles

  30. Play hopscotch

  31. Go on a photo safari

    We make this one easy with a free printable list that you can download here: Nature Photo Safari

  32. Drink lots of cucumber water

  33. Go blueberry picking

    Picking Blueberries

    These are delicious straight out of the pail, but if you have any left over, you might enjoy using them to bake with. Follow these links to try out our favorite recipes for blueberry oat muffins and fresh fruit crumble.

  34. Visit a splash pad

    Splash Pad

  35. Play a game of volleyball

  36. Watch the clouds

  37. Take a picnic dinner to the park

  38. Visit grandparents

  39. Eat creme-filled donuts

  40. Drink an all-fruit smoothie


  41. Compete at Sudoku

  42. Visit a garden or arboretum

    Garden Visit

  43. Play zombie tag

  44. Make a huge breakfast

  45. Go for a bike ride

    Biking with ET

  46. Practice math drills

  47. Stage a water gun war

  48. Shop for new school supplies

  49. Send a postcard

  50. Go Fishing

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50 Ideas for Summer Fun

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