50 Frugal Ideas for Family Fun

50 Frugal Ideas for Family Fun

October 1 is “Frugal Fun Day!” So here’s a long list of 50 fun & frugal things families can do together without breaking the bank.

  1. Play a board game
  2. Bake a batch of cookies
  3. Build a campfire
  4. Roast some marshmallows
  5. Work a jigsaw puzzle
  6. Read a book aloud
  7. Ride a bike
  8. Go on a hike
  9. Check local museums for free nights
  10. Visit a public library
  11. Go garage saling
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Explore your own hometown
  14. Go on a scavenger hunt
  15. Make a recycled art project
  16. Go star gazing
  17. Visit a local park or playground
  18. Walk around the block
  19. Stage a push-up competition
  20. Go birdwatching
  21. Write letters to family or friends
  22. Play Hide & Seek
  23. Search for nearby historical markers
  24. Invite friends over for a potluck dinner
  25. Go window shopping
  26. Admire houses in a pretty neighborhood
  27. Attend a community concert
  28. Toss a frisbee in a game of keep-away
  29. Jump rope
  30. Look through family photo albums
  31. Climb a tree
  32. Build a blanket fort
  33. Play with the puppies at a pet store
  34. Play a fast-paced card game
  35. Listen to a book on tape
  36. Go on a factory tour
  37. Watch a documentary
  38. Fly a kite
  39. Have a family talent show
  40. Go to the lake or the beach
  41. Play 20 Questions
  42. Make homemade playdough
  43. Play hopskotch
  44. Have a three-legged race
  45. Visit a nursing home
  46. Color a picture
  47. Put on some lively music & dance
  48. Blow soap bubbles
  49. Play tag
  50. Go for a jog

For easy reference, here’s a handy printable version of this list:

50 Frugal Ideas for Family Fun

Post it on your fridge and refer to it next time you’re in the mood to make some fabulous family memories!

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