7 Savvy Ways to Recycle Cans

Savvy Ways to Recycle Tin Cans

By now you must know there’s a special day for just about anything you can imagine. Take today for example. Did you know that September 27 is “Crush a Can” Day? That’s right — although I don’t know why anybody would want to crush a can when there are so many savvy ways to recycle them.

Here are seven of my favorite ways to upcycle what many people just toss in the trash. For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board on Savvy Recycling.

7 Savvy Ways to Recycle Cans

  1. Hang a Garden

    Isn’t this tin can garden quaint? What an efficient use of space, right? Just be sure to add a few drainage holes to the bottoms before mounting them to the wall.

    What a smart use of space, riight?
    [photo source]
  2. Organize Your Flatware

    I love this pretty and practical flatware caddy from Madame Criativa:

    Silverware Caddy made from recycled tin cans
    [photo source]
  3. Craft Some Rustic Stars

    These 3-D stars from Milo Made are made from aluminum cans rather than tin ones. Wouldn’t they look great hanging on a Christmas tree?

    Savvy projects to make from recycled cans

  4. Organize Your Desk

    These paint can cubbies keep this desk space looking neat and tidy. They are just the thing for sorting mail or organizing office supplies.

    Paint can cubbies

  5. Leave a Message

    These cool punched tin signs from Snapguide are actually made out of recycled soda cans. What a smart and inexpensive way to adorn your walls with words of encouragement:

    recycled cans

  6. Make a Planter

    Check out this beautiful planter from Centsational Girl. She used a tin bucket for hers, but I’m pretty sure the same technique would work on a paint can or large coffee tin:

    Recycled Tin Can Planter
    [photo source]
  7. Cut Some Cookies

    And I think these homemade cookie cutters from Mother Earth are nothing short of brilliant. What a practical way to bake a batch of custom shaped cookies!

    Homemade Cookie Cutters from recycled tin cans
    [photo source]

Have you ever recycled tin cans? What are your favorite ways to use them? I’m always looking for bright ideas, so please share in the comment section below. And if you’re interested in making more trash-to-treasure crafts, check out these nifty ways to upcycle toilet paper tubes!

Toilet Paper Tube Crafts

7 Savvy Projects to Make from Recycled Cans

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  1. How do I go about getting copies of the idea books, such as Cute clever leaf crafts for kids, projects for recycled tin cans, etc. I did not see where I could print or buy. How do I go about getting this fun books.

    1. Sorry, Pam, but there are no books for those posts, just the round-up of ideas. When I originally posted, I included links to all the individual blogs where you could find instructions for doing each craft. Sadly, some of those blogs have since closed down, so you’d just have to eyeball those projects. I understand that is not always as easy for folks new to a particular craft. If there is one you are especially interested in doing that is no longer linked to the original source, let me know, and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction or provide a supply list and instructions if I can.

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