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Dr. Zork: Out of the Vault after 20 Years

Little known fact: Today is National Comic Book Day! Even lesser known fact: My husband used to write a comic strip called “Dr. Zork” for his departmental newsletter back when he was doing his anesthesia residency (20 years ago!).

Dr. Zork: Alien Anesthesiologist

The strip was about an anesthesiologist who also happened to be an alien. Doug wrote the copy, and I drew the pictures.

Dr. Zork - a comic strip by Doug and Jennifer Flanders

It was pretty silly, but we had a good time creating it together. It was a nice diversion from all those grueling hours Doug put into training at Parkland!

Dr. Zork - a comic strip by Doug and Jennifer Flanders

Anesthesia may have chosen the radio station at the hospital where Dr. Zork worked, but in every operating room my husband has ever worked, it is the lead surgeon who picks the music.

That’s actually a good thing, too, since studies show that listening to their favorite music improves surgeon performance and speeds patients’ recovery, as well.

Fortunately, my husband enjoys just about all genres of music, so the surgeons’ selections have never been a problem.

Dr. Zork - a comic strip by Doug and Jennifer Flanders

Also — as he now chairs the hospital disciplinary committee — I’m sure he would frown on Dr. Zork’s turning all the committee members into frogs if that were to happen today! 🙂

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Draw a Frog

That particular strip is probably my favorite, though. I’ve always loved frogs, and I found them fun to draw. Want to try sketching a few yourself? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you practice:

How to draw a frog
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More Comics to help you celebrate National Comic Book Day

More interested in reading comics than in creating them? Here are a few of our family favorites:

Did you read comics growing up (or do you like to read them now)? Which are your favorites?



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