50 Fun Activities for Fall (Free Printable)

50 Fun Family Activities for Fall

It may be hard to believe it, but fall officially starts this Friday. The year is nearly ¾ over! But the remaining quarter packs lots of potential for making great memories, if we’re intentional about doing so.

Start by making a list of the activities you don’t want to miss, then check them off as you go. If you are drawing a blank, here are 50 of our family’s favorite things to do during the fall season, plus a few new activities we plan to try this year:

50 Fun Family Activities for Fall

  1. Visit a farm or a pumpkin patch

    Pumpkin Patch

  2. Attend a fall festival

  3. Go for a drive through the country

  4. Admire the changing colors

    Head to the Northeast for the most spectacular displays.

  5. Change batteries in your smoke alarms

  6. Stage a family fire drill

  7. Read Pilgrim Stories

  8. Build a bird or squirrel feeder

  9. Go to the State Fair

    Eat a corny dog or funnel cake and enjoy some fresh-squeezed lemonade while you’re hear.

  10. Compete in a creative arts competition

    Our kids win a bundle of ribbons and premiums by entering their arts and craft projects in the East Texas State Fair every year.

    Creative Arts Competition & other Fun Family Activities for Fall

  11. Play Scrabble

  12. Attend a high school football game

  13. Stuff a shoebox

    Consider hosting a Shoebox Stuffing Party for Operation Christmas Child

  14. Go on a scavenger hunt

  15. Make homemade granola or trail mix

    Drench it in milk and eat with a spoon or eat it dry as a healthy snack.

  16. Go to a drive-in movie

    If you can’t find an outdoor theater near you, hang up a sheet in your backyard and gather there for a family movie.

  17. Take a family photo

    Check out these 6 tips for taking portraits you’ll be proud of.

    Flanders Family Flannel Photo

  18. Find your way through a corn maze

  19. Plant bulbs for spring

    Fall is the season to plant tulips, daffodils, narcissus, etc.

  20. Watch a cranberry harvest

    If you can’t see it in person, watch a YouTube video — it’s facinating!

  21. Write a thank you note

    When you’re finished, stamp, seal, and drop it in the mail, or deliver it by hand.

  22. Pass out treats on Halloween

    In addition to to really good candy, print some of our Halloween tracts to give to trick-or-treaters

    50 Fun Family Activities for Fall

  23. Invite a lonely college student for Thanksgiving

  24. Sing praise songs around a campfire

    If you can strum along on a guitar, so much the better. If not, just sing acapella.

  25. Feast as Pilgrims and Indians

  26. Make popcorn balls

  27. Clean house with all the windows open

  28. Rake leaves

    If you have a lot of leaves, you can rake a maze through them first for playing tag.

  29. Watch Dan in Real Life

  30. Jump in a leaf pile

  31. Run a Turkey Trot or 5K

  32. Carve a pumpkin

    Get one for everyone and stage a pumpkin carving contest. Give prizes prettiest, funniest, scariest, most unusual, etc.

  33. Build a bonfire

  34. Start a leaf collection

  35. Work a jigsaw puzzle

    Working Puzzles

  36. Go mountain biking

    Pack plenty of water if you plan to ride far.

  37. Roast pumpkin seeds

  38. Pick apples at an orchard

  39. Watch Martin Luther

  40. Sing A Mighty Fortress

  41. Learn the Five Solas

  42. Bake a pecan pie

  43. Visit a science museum

    The Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas

  44. Make pumpkin bread

  45. Bake an apple crisp

    … or apple pie, apple turnovers, or apple cobbler.

  46. Read D’Aulaire’s Columbus

  47. Make cranberry sauce

  48. Camp out under the stars

  49. Make s’mores

  50. Shell pecans

That should keep us busy for at least a couple of months! Click on the image or button below to download a free printable version of this list. What are your favorite fall activities? Anything you’d add to our list?

Free printable bucket list for fall

Print more of our bucket lists

Once you’ve finished doing the activities that interest you on our “50 Frugal Ideas for Family Fun” list, try another of our free printable bucket lists.

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