Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags (Free Printable)

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Tags

Since it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, I’m sharing some free printable Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags. My kids gave these to all their teachers on the last day of our homeschool co-op last week.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Tags

Make a list of recipients

Think about all the teachers who pour into your child’s life.

  • school teachers
  • co-op instructors
  • classroom helpers
  • coaches or gym teachers
  • speech therapists
  • private tutors
  • Sunday school teachers
  • art instructors
  • music teachers
  • vocal coaches
  • drama teachers

Looking at World Globe

I’m sure I’m leaving somebody out, but you get the idea. Anyone who contributes to in your child’s education can be considered a teacher and deserves some appreciation.

Gather Supplies

To make the little teacher appreciation gift tags pictured above, you’ll need the following supplies:

Supplies Needed

Assemble Teacher Gifts

Print several copies of our teacher appreciation gift tags onto colored card stock (I used turquoise, to look like water). Then use a paper trimmer or good pair of scissors to cut the tags apart.

Trimming Paper

Use a yellow colored pencil or gel pen to color in a few fish. Younger kids can help with this part. They’ll enjoy giving their teachers something they helped make.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Tags

Staple or tape a tag to each bag of goldfish. If your child has several teachers, you may want to give her a bag or basket to carry the treats in until she can pass them all out.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Tags

If you’d like to include a personal note to each teacher, you can jot it on the back of the tag. Or, if you need more room, you can use some of our free printable thank you notes for that purpose. They’re blank inside, so you’ll have plenty of room to pour out your appreciation for each precious person who has invested in your child’s education this year.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Tags

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