Big Beliefs (Timberdoodle Review)

Big Beliefs - Front Cover

When Timberdoodle recently asked which of their products I’d be most interested in reviewing, I included a couple of their new family devotionals on my list. Big Beliefs proved to be a great choice.

Big Beliefs - Table of Contents

Big Beliefs contains 99 short readings that tackle 33 core Christian beliefs. The theological concepts covered follow the same order as the Westminster Confession of Faith (Scripture, God, Sin, Salvation, etc), a copy of which is included in the appendix.

Each day’s reading begins with a short Bible passage. This is followed by a brief explanation using simple, easy-to-understand examples. Each reading ends with a couple of questions to promote further discussion.

Chapter 5

Most of the entries are less than a full page long. The author’s goal in creating Big Beliefs was to provide a resource for families that is entirely doable. He suggests covering just one concept (three readings) a week.

Chapter 14

Wanting to get through the book in order to write this review, we took a much faster pace than that. We covered one concept (three readings) each day.

That was perfect for us.

I’m still schooling three at home, so I assigned one Scripture passage to each child, who read the verses aloud before I read the corresponding commentary. Then we’d all discuss the follow-up questions before moving on to the next reading.

Big Beliefs

We’ve all enjoyed this book. It provides a good overview of foundational truths, drawn straight from God’s Word. Yet they’re presented in an accessible, bite-sized way that holds everyone’s attention and never feels heavy or overwhelming.

In that respect, Big Beliefs delivers exactly what its subtitle promises: Small Devotionals Introducing Your Family to Big Truths.

Big Beliefs - Back Cover

Order your copy of Big Beliefs today. UPDATE: Although Timberdoodle no longer carries this book, it is still available from Amazon. And Timberdoodle has a lot of other wonderful resources they offer. You’re sure to find something you like.

Also be sure sign up for their Doodle Dollar program while you’re there. It’s free and will save you money on future purchases.

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