Family Camp Countdown

I’m making my list and checking it twice, as it’s almost time for the annual camping trip our family takes every October! What does “roughing it” with as many as a dozen kids in tow look like?

Family Camp

Admittedly, not very rough, since we bring as many conveniences from home as we can, including crockpots (we pitch our tents at a site that includes electric and water), craft projects (so Mom can feel “productive” while she relaxes), and computers (for word processing only — no Internet or social media).

This year, I finally got around to revising the packing list I published on this website several years ago. It’s still two pages long, but without the redundancies that came from having two (2) miscellaneous sections. Ha!

Having everything written down in a single place really keeps us from feeling overwhelmed when it comes time to pack. We just throw all the gear in the back of two trucks, marking each item off the master list as we go. Once the last item’s been checked off, we load up the kids and head on out.

Does your family like to camp out together in the cool of autumn? Do you prefer tent camping or cabins? What luxuries from home do you allow yourself to bring along?

Family Campout Packing List - Page 1Family Campout Packing List - Page 2

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  1. Where does your family like to camp? We often come to your neck of the woods, Tyler State Park, but our favorite is Daingerfield. We love the big trees to hang up the hammock on and the small lakes for fishing. Our small pop up is quickly being outgrown by our growing family but we love camping about 3 or 4 times a year.

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