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Family Camp Fun: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Cards

Today I’m sharing a brand-new free printable I designed to challenge my kids while we were tent camping last week. It’s an outdoor scavenger hunt!

These picture bingo cards are full of nature items, like pinecones, sweet gum balls, rocks, leaves, and doodle bugs. I laminated our cards so we’ll be able to use them again next year.

Family Camp is one of our favorite fall traditions. We pitch our tents every October. And we spend a full week sleeping out under the stars alongside scores of other homeschooling families.

It’s that time again…

We just got home this year’s Family Camp. The camp provides a full schedule of activities to keep us busy: volleyball tournaments, camp meetings, craft classes, canoe races, rock climbing, horseback riding — the list goes on and on. We had a blast and made lots of great memories.

But there’s still plenty of downtime for relaxing around our own campsite, reading good books aloud to the children, and roasting hot dogs and s’mores over a blazing fire.

The outdoor scavenger hunt was something I created with my little ones in mind. Some of them are too young for competing in golf scrambles, taking blacksmithing lessons, or repelling out of tall towers.

The funny thing is, my older kids seemed to have as much fun as their younger siblings racing to see who could find all the nature items first. I awarded prizes to everyone who completed the challenge, although — in the end — I had to allow a grasshopper-for-snail substitution.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Free Printable Bingo Cards

Snails seem super plentiful at home, but would you believe there wasn’t a single snail shell to be found in all 2000 acres of the beautiful ALERT Academy campus where we were camping? Leastwise, there were none we could locate in the few wooded acres we searched.

If you’d like to print copies of our Outdoor Scavenger Hunt cards to use on your family’s next camping adventure, click on the image above to download a free PDF version that you can store and print from your own computer.

Happy hunting!

Family Camp Fun

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