Free Printable Weekly Schedule

Free Printable Weekly Schedule

This fall has been exceptionally busy for our family. We currently have two children in basketball, three in creative writing, four in choir, four taking piano lessons, and five who’ve been swimming laps at the local junior college with their father once or twice a week.

To help keep track of who needs to be where when, I recently designed this free printable weekly schedule. I’m sharing here, so you can use it, too:

Weekly Schedule - Rainbow Colors
[click to print weekly schedule in full color]

Or if rainbows aren’t your thing, you might try this aqua & brown version, instead:

Weekly Schedule - Aqua & Brown
[click to print weekly schedule in aqua & brown]

To print a copy for your own use, just click on either image above. Print multiple copies if you like, or do as I did and laminate one, then use a wet erase marker on it to track weekly activities and commitments. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I recently received a request from an early-rising reader for a weekly calendar that begins at 5:00am. She’d seen one I’d posted on Pinterest (the one I was using myself, since I like to get up early, too) but could only find the 6 AM start on my blog.

So… if you’re interested in starting your day before the sun comes up, as well, here’s a link to my free printable weekly schedule with a 5 AM start:

Free printable weekly schedule
[click on image to print]

It’s available in the rainbow colors above, or also in an aqua and brown design like this:

free printable weekly calendar
[click on image to print]

Both versions are in the same 2-page PDF, so if you want the first color scheme, just print page 1. If you prefer the second version, you’ll need to select and print page 2.

Hope this helps you keep your schedule straight!

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Free Printable Weekly Schedule

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Many thanks for the Rainbow weekly calendar with the 5AM starting time.
    It has been a game-changer!- My life is much more structured now-and the quote is a perfect reminder that life is precious:)
    Do you happen to have this template with the week beginning on Monday rather than Sunday?

    1. No, CJ. I’m sorry, but I only have Sun-Sat available. Maybe some day I’ll add another option, but haven’t time to do that right now.

      1. Hi Jennifer,

        I appreciate the follow-up. Thank you again for graciously sharing your calendars!

        Wishing you and your family a lovely Fall season!

  2. I like the colorful calendar and I love how you put a scripture at the top of it that reminds us that time is finite. We must use it wisely

    1. Thanks, Brandon. That’s always been one of my favorite verses, for that very reason: It reminds me my time is finite and of my own need for prayerful discernment as to how best to invest it.

  3. Was searching for something like this and now I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog, how you introduce yourself excited me and gave me hope. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. I will print schedule now!

  4. Thank you so much! It is such a blessing to see and follow other Christians living a truly joy filled life. Your blog not only provided me with a simple weekly schedule but also a smile.

  5. Just what I was looking for! Our worship team was just challenged to tithe our time, and it will be nice to plan a schedule,

    Only problem is that 8 AM is missing? 🙁

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