50 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

50 Ways to Enjoy Great Outdoors

Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve been cooped up indoors for weeks. But the weather has been glorious in our neck of the woods lately. The sunshine is beckoning us to come outside. If you’re feeling a similar pull, here are 50 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors. Print out a copy and give one a try… today.

Granted, while social distancing rules are still in place, a few of the items on our list will have to wait. You’re not likely to find any waterparks open or music festivals to attend. And you should stay away from playgrounds until the quarantine is lifted.

But most of these ideas can be enjoyed, even in the midst of a pandemic. Still others are easily adaptable. The local orchestra may not be staging any symphonies under the stars this spring. But you can bring your ipod and enjoy classical music to your heart’s content while lying on a blanket admiring the Milky Way.

50 Ways to Enjoy Great Outdoors

50 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

  1. Take a picnic lunch to the park

  2. Play a game of catch

  3. Walk a dog

  4. Take up birdwatching

    Reinforce what you’re learning about our little feathered friends with our State Bird Coloring Pages

  5. Run in a 5K race

  6. Go for a swim

    Last one in’s a rotten egg!

    Go for a Swim

  7. Visit a neighborhood park

  8. Take a stroll around the block

    To make it more interesting, print out our Neighborhood Bingo Cards and see who can fill theirs first. If you walk around the block often enough, you may want to do as I did and laminate the copies. That way, you can use dry erase markers to check off the items you see and reuse the same cards again and again.

    Neighborhood Bingo Scavenger Hunt

  9. Go hiking

  10. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers

    Sunny Rebekah

  11. Go berry picking

    Come back home and use what you pick to bake a nice crisp or cobbler. And if there are any berries left over come morning, whip up a batch of blueberry muffins.

    Berry Picking

  12. Play Putt-Putt golf

    Can’t find a course open? So why not design a makeshift course of your own with ramps, ropes, cups, and balls?

  13. Go for a long-distance run

  14. Weed the flowerbeds

    The weeds don’t take a vacation. And the flowers will thank you for getting them out of their bed.

    Garden bed
    We nursed these annuals back to health.
  15. Fly a kite

    But find an open space to do it! We’ve had a kite stuck high in a tree in our front yard for months now!

  16. Go fishing

  17. Visit the botanical gardens

    Check out the American Horticultural Society Website to find a garden near you.

  18. Climb a tree

    If the branches are comfortable, take a book along and read up there!

  19. Go star gazing

  20. Attend a drive-in movie

    If you don’t live close to a drive-n theater, take the laptop outside and stream a movie in your own backyard. My son did this on the roof with my grandchildren last week, and they loved it.

  21. Play ultimate Frisbee

  22. Go to the lake

  23. Hunt butterflies

    But be careful not to touch!

    Touring the Butterfly Palace in Branson

  24. Plant a vegetable garden

    Nothing will interest kids in eating their veggies faster than growing dinner in their own backyard.

    Tomato Picking

  25. Play at the playground

  26. Go for a bike ride

    New Bikes
    Dad bought Mom and Abby matching bikes
  27. Trim hedges

  28. Play foursquare

  29. Go to the lake

    I just realized I listed this one twice. That’s probably because I have such fond memories of going to the lake when I was a kid. So even if you’ve gone once already, go again! You can camp out along the water’s edge, go wading, go boating or skiing, or just hike around enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

  30. Sweep the porch and walkways

  31. Play kickball

  32. Go paddle boarding

  33. Visit a peach orchard

  34. Head to the beach

  35. Build sandcastles

    If you want to really get crazy with the detail, bring along a set of sculpting tools.
    Jennifer's Sand Sculpture

  36. Have a cherry pit spitting contest

  37. Eat watermelon under the trees

  38. Go to a waterpark

  39. Set off some fireworks

  40. Attend an outdoor symphony

    As I already mentioned, a live concert is best. But if quarantines or other circumstances prevent such an outing, create a symphony under the stars of your very own. Headphones optional.

  41. Shop the farmers market

  42. Have a shaving cream fight

    Give each kid a can (and maybe a pair of swim goggles), then let them go after it.

    Shaving Cream War

  43. Rent a boat and go water skiing

  44. Play freeze tag

  45. Draw pictures with sidewalk chalk

    But you may need to lay down some ground rules, or they may end up with chalk in places other than the concrete!

    Chalk Portraits

  46. Attend a music festival

  47. Shop at an outdoor craft bazaar

    Or pack up your art supplies and do some outdoor crafting of your own!

  48. Go to a baseball game

  49. Go to the zoo

    Trip to the Zoo

  50. Jog

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