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Christmas Charades (Free Printable)

Today’s new party game is a free printable version of Christmas Charades.

We have a bunch of teens coming to our house for a white elephant gift exchange tonight, so I printed up a set of these cards to keep them busy once all the presents have been opened.

There are 18 sheets in all (times eight cards per sheet equals plenty of possibilities for several rounds).

Topics include movies, books, songs, characters, foods, decorations, and activities — all with a Christmas theme. Here’s a sampling:

free printable Christmas Charades game

Christmas Charads printable

Christmas Charades

Click the above link to download the entire set at once (144 cards).

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Can you think of a holiday game we need to add to our collection? If so, leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Know anyone who’d enjoy playing our Christmas games? We’d be ever so grateful if you’d send them our way by emailing a link or by sharing on social media. Just click on the social sharing buttons below. And thanks in advance for helping spread some Christmas cheer!

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    1. It’s Christmas charades. Divide into teams. One person draws one card after another and acts out what’s written on them while his/her teammates guess what (s)he’s doing. When time is up, that team gets one point for every card they guessed correctly and the next team takes a turn. Continue play until everybody on both teams has a turn acting out cards.

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