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Christmas by the Numbers Quiz

Free Christmas Quiz Printables

I’m back with another new holiday party game today: a Christmas by the Numbers Quiz.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you probably realize I love trivia. In fact, testing our knowledge of obscure facts is a favorite pastime of our entire family.

The inspiration for this quiz came from a trivia set we played on our last cruise. It was pretty self-explanatory:

  • 7 D in a W = seven days in a week
  • 26 L in the A = twenty-six letters in the alphabet
  • 24 B B in a P = twenty-four blackbirds baked in a pie

You get the idea. The quiz was fun and challenging, so I came up with this seasonal version, which I call Christmas by the Numbers. Click on the links below to download. There’s a separate link for the answer key. You’ll probably need that for at least a couple of answers, but no fair peeking until you’ve given it your best effort!

Christmas By the Numbers - Color

As with many of my other Christmas games, I’m offering both a color and a black and white version of this free printable. The color one looks a little fancier, but the black and white version will help you save money on ink. To brighten it up a bit, just print on colored paper.

Christmas By the Numbers - Black & White

Can’t get enough of these trivia-type quizzes? Then follow the link below to download all 12 of my newest Christmas party games (with answer keys) in a single click!

12 Days of All New Party Games

Can you think of a holiday game we need to add to our collection? If so, leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Know anyone who’d enjoy playing our Christmas games? We’d be ever so grateful if you’d send them our way by emailing a link or by sharing on social media. Just click on the social sharing buttons below. And thanks in advance for helping spread some Christmas cheer!

Christmas By the Numbers Quiz

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  1. Wow! You’re an inspiration! I come from a family of 9 myself, so I know how much fun large families can be…

    But I’m writing to thank you for coming up with these games! I’m a middle school and high school music teacher so these come in really handy!

    Have a great 2020!

  2. I love this. I was looking for Christmas party quiz ideas. Thank you so much!! These are great. Christian themed also. Nice.

  3. Thank you Jennifer!! We will use this at our family Christmas this year?.. Have a wonderful Christmas! I miss seeing you.

    Valerie Brimer

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