Homeschool Report Cards

Homeschool Report Cards

One of our readers recently wrote to request a printable homeschool report card. Traditionally, I’ve not been as meticulous about grade reports for elementary school as I am about high school transcripts. However, I’d been considering printing up something more “official” looking for my younger kids. This would allow them to take advantage of some of the good-grade-rewards local businesses offer. And now seemed the perfect time to do that, since our family is nearing the end of our first grading cycle for the new school year.

If your family homeschools, too, consider using our free printable report cards for your own kiddos:

Free Printable Homeschool Report Cards

Free Printable Homeschool Report Cards

At the close of every quarter, they can redeem good grades for free food, tokens, movies, and other great prizes. I printed ours on card-stock for better durability. That way, they should last all year long.

More free printables to help you organize your homeschool

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Homeschool Report Cards

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  1. Thank you for the free report card templet! Much appreciated.
    I look forward to your subscription. 🙂
    Stressed out mom.

    1. You’re welcome, Ashley. One of my goals is to help relieve some stress for fellow homeschool moms by sharing things that have helped lighten my load through the years. In the toughest seasons, it’s always good to remember that God is faithful, that He gives rest to the weary (you don’t have to “do it all”), and that He promises to supply all our needs. Whom He calls, He equips. Praying for you today! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!

  2. Thank you so much for providing a FREE printable report card for anyone to use! You are a saint and I thank you so very much! This is JUST what I needed and looks beautiful!

  3. Thanks you so much for allowing other homeschool families access to such wonderful resources! I truly appreciate it! You have a beautiful family! Keep loving GOD! Sister LaTonya 🙂

  4. Great idea, I look forward to using this method. Thanks for sharing. I am a homeschooler of 3 kids (6th, 5th, and k) great experience so far

  5. Had to have a report card for the children to get good student discount on car insurance. This report card was the tops and my choice out of all of them out there. Thank you so much for making it simple and with a quality look. Appreciate how you left space in which to add more subjects and character traits. Well done! Thanks a million.

  6. these printables
    are fabulous

    i will have a child
    in high school next year
    and have been prowling around
    for transcript forms as well

    just pinned this
    and followed you on Pinterest

    thanks so much!


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