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Jelly Bean Gospel (Free Printable)

Jelly Bean Gospel | free printable from www.flandersfamily.info

I think the gospel message is the sweetest story ever told. So using jelly beans to share the good news of God’s love makes perfect sense — especially this time of year.

Although I wrote the words to the following version of the “Jelly Bean Poem,” the concept has been around for a long time. I first remember seeing it when a Sunday school teacher from Believer’s Chapel in Dallas sent it home with my little boy one Easter.

That was nearly 30 years ago. And that little boy is now grown and married with 7 children of his own.

I’ve always loved this idea, but wished the poem gave a little more detail. Like an explanation of why Jesus died. And the crucially important fact that He rose again!

So I put on my thinking cap and penned this updated version to the old classic:

The Jelly Bean Gospel

Red’s the blood that Jesus shed,
White’s the perfect life He led,
Black is for my heart of sin,
Green, new life I’ve found in Him,
Pink, for flowers near His grave,
Blue’s the world He came to save,
Purple, temple veil, now torn,
Orange, the sky on Easter morn,
Yellow is my happy grin
To know that Jesus rose again!

I hope that you’ll enjoy this treat
Of jelly beans, so small and sweet.
The news they share is short, but true:
Jesus died, ‘cause He loves YOU.
So empty the bag, and when you do,
Remember His tomb is empty, too!

I also created a free printable of the update in several different styles. There’s even a black and white version if you prefer to save on ink or want to color your own. Just click on the image below to download them all:

The Jelly Bean Gospel (a free printable from www.flandersfamily.info)

I’ve ordered some individually wrapped bags of jelly beans (affiliate link) to pass out to friends and neighbors.

I couldn’t find the small packs locally. So I bought a couple of bags of tiny jelly eggs (my kids tell be they taste better than the bigger beans).

Here’s a picture of the (empty) packages to explain what I’m talking about. I didn’t think to take a picture until I’d already ripped into them:

Jelly Bird Eggs

These I divided into ziplock bags to give to my younger kids and grandkids next week.

Jelly Bean Gospel Supplies

Jelly Bean Gospel Bags

My husband insists I should tell you that Easter falls on my birthday this year. Want to help me celebrate both occasions? It would make my Easter-birthday extra (egg-stra?) special and thrill my heart if you’d share this post on social media! You can use the sharing buttons below. Thanks ever so much!

Jelly Bean Gospel | free printable from www.flandersfamily.info
Free "Jelly Bean Gospel" Printable
Jelly Bean Poem

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  1. Thank you for the blessed idea with the Jelly beans. Had to bring a lesson for our Sunday School for the Easter weekend. This really helped.

  2. Ooooo, Jennifer! I love, Love, LOVE the jelly bean poem!! I just printed it out and will be using it with my 4-H kids. Most are from Christian families. But one young lady is not. We keep praying for gentle ways to share the Gospel with her and her widowed father. This is PERFECT!!!

    1. I’m so glad to hear it, Sherry. I’m praying for that one young lady this morning, that God will give you many more opportunities to pour into her life, and that He would draw her (and her entire family) to faith ASAP.

  3. Hi Jennifer
    I came across your site while looking for something fun to put into our church newsletter for the children. We are a Presbyterian church in Scotland and I produce our quarterly magazine.

    Would I have your permission to reproduce your poem for our magazine, giving all credit to you, of course? The magazine is emailed to our congregation and is also put on our website as well as hard copies being run off for some of the older members who still prefer paper!

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


    1. Yes, Helen. I’d be happy for you to do that. Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating Resurrection Day!

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