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A Prayer for Unborn Son (Reader Request)

Monday Mailbag

Question: Looking for a Prayer for my Unborn Son

Hi, Jennifer.

I would love a printable version of “Praying for your Unborn Child” for a boy. Could you make this possible?


Answer: Happy to Help!

Certainly, Uretha.

I wrote the original prayer with feminine pronouns for several reasons:

First, my last baby was a girl.

Second, I thought writing it this way made it easier to differentiate the pronouns that referred to the child from those that referred to God.

And third, because I’m sometimes accused of being sexist when I use exclusively male pronouns (I just can’t bring myself to use plural pronouns such as “they,” “their,” and “them” when writing in the singular).

At any rate, I am happy to provide this prayer for your unborn son for those who prefer masculine pronouns (or who know they’re expecting a boy). That was a great idea. Thanks for requesting it.

Praying for Your Unborn Child (Boy Version)

For readers who prefer the feminine pronouns, you can access that printable here: Praying for Your Unborn Child. You can also click through to study all the linked Biblical references for yourself.

Praying for Your Unborn Baby

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